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Feature Articles: Out of Time

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Out of Time

Using Quantum Physics to Explain "Missing Time" in Alien AbductionsThe author hypothesizes that "Missing Time" occurs because time itself is missing.

There is no such thing as "time". What is thought of as "time" is but an imbalance in the wave-particle duality of the Principle of Complementarity.

Can you think of a TIME event that is NOT an ENERGY event? Quite often the glib expression...time and used, and yet after one gives the matter any serious thought there really is no such thing as "time" that does not refer to some kind of energy event. In other words the word-concept of time really means the rate of energy of something, or T=dE, where d means delta, a 2 vector area term that means "change of".

Energy comes in 2 basic types: kinetic and potential. Kinetic energy is understood as mass as in mv2. Potential energy is understood as momentum as in mv. Newton's First Law: "The momentum of a body remains constant if no external unbalanced force acts on it" is saying that if F=O then dM=O, and the momentum is constant. But herein is a fundamental flaw in thinking that can be traced from Newton to DeLaPlace to Planck to Heisenberg: dM means delta Momentum which is an oxymoron, a dilemma: delta means "change of", momentum means "no change of" or dM = change of-no change of. How can you change something that by definition can't be changed? Einstein expressed it as having money in the bank; you either leave it in the bank or take it out, but you can't have it both ways. The momentum-money either stays in the bank at a fixed level of potential energy or you take it out which requires a kinetic energy/mass/time transaction which is a change-of-state of the fixed, by definition, momentum state. The First Law of Thermodynamics states it another way: Energy can never be created or destroyed, it can only be TRANSFERRED. Or, there is no such thing as something-for-nothing. You can't have your cake and eat it too. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Thus, overcoming this flawed word-concept of "delta Momentum" is a crucial first step in understanding the true nature of "time".

It can be resolved by simply saying that momentum is the BALANCE of wave = particle, and mass is the IMBALANCE of wave¹ particle. Or, mv = (W=P) and mv2 = ¹P). Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle is given as h@ dMxdPv or in the alternate form: h @ dMxdW. By just simply saying that momentum is not a DETERMINANT of the quantum area h, it is in fact a RESULT of balanced wave energy = particle energy levels, and mass then is a temporary imbalance between wave energy = particle energy; then the mystery of "time" becomes quite clear.

The 19th century had a great controversy in physics: is light a wave or a particle? Back and forth the arguments raged. Finally Bohr (and Einstein) settled the dilemma with the Principle of Complementarity: there are 2 great languages of energy; wave energy and particle energy: light is a particle that moves like a wave. More broadly, a photon is a boson that has a certain vibration in the electromagnetic spectrum from radio waves to gamma rays. Planck also explained how the quantum step. 6.625x10-34J-s described the blackbody spectrum. Then, after Einstein's great triumph of the Eddington eclipse photographs, which confirmed gravitational Lensing; Louis DeBroglie, a French physicist thought: OK, if light is both a particle AND a wave, why shouldn't matter, i.e., fermions, also be WAVES as well as particles? He published his mathematical theory-description of matter waves in 1922. A few years later they were discovered by bouncing electrons off of a pure nickel crystal at a certain angle which could only be explained by the matter wave theory. Thus, your body/world/universe of fermions (electrons/protons/neutrons/quarks) are WAVES as well as particles. But, you can't see them.

The DeBroglie wavelength equation is d lambda=h/mv. A jet weighing 105kg and moving at 720kph has a matter wavelength = 6.625x10-34J-s / 105x200mps = 3.3125x10-41m = 3.3125x10-31 angstroms. Your eye sees in the (bose) wavelength range of 4000 to 7700 angstroms. In order for you to "see" everyday matter waves your eyeball would have to be some 28 orders of magnitude smaller. And so, even though matter waves are the other description of your energy-existence, they are hidden, invisible; and yet you have felt them for every instant of your living Life as "time", as under-running Ws in inertial mass or over-running Ws in gravitational mass. Thus, existence wouldn't exist if these 2 energy descriptions didn't get temporarily, by a quantum area-h, out of sync/out of balance.

The H.U.P. then has to be slightly modified: h = dWxdP or a new (actually transferred from elsewhere) quantum area is defined by a 1 - 2 step of delta wavelength THEN delta particle velocity (gravitational mass) or delta particle velocity THEN delta wavelength (inertial mass). When this 1 - 2 step occurs the fermion (or collection of fermions) is then in a new and higher momentum state as shown in the figures. As one can see, this resolves the delta momentum dilemma in that the dWs and dPv side steps are kind of like a two step waltz from point to point up and down the momentum diagonal, or D, line. Inertial mass is a dance up the right side of the D line, gravitational mass is a dance up the left side with ever smaller steps up to the large scale world of classical mechanics that gives the ILLUSION of continuous motion.

Parsing 6.625x10-34J-s into Pv and Ws in the first h area, as abscissa (Pv) and ordinate (Ws) gives 2.574x10-17m/s & 2.574x10-17 newtons of wave force. At 2.574x10-17m/s it takes about 38 minutes just to cross the diameter of a proton = absolute cold-slow. The second dPv is then (2)½2.574x10-17m/s, the third (3)½2.574x10-17m/s, and so on. If this is a turtle race, these are real....slow.....turtles....

There is a simple everyday experiment that shows how time=KE=mass=W¹P works: throw a baseball back and forth. Mass-change is like a complex, 3 aspect electrical circuit in that it has capacitance/resistance/inductance. By fermi-coulomb capacitance (like charges repel & Pauli Exclusion Principle) the electrons of your hand (outer electron clouds of surface atoms/molecules) repel the electrons of the baseball. Thus you have increased the particle velocity (Pv) of the baseball but you HAVEN'T also increased the complementary matter wavelength that also describes that higher particle velocity (the second of the two necessary steps to reach a new point on the momentum D line) and so the counterforce that you feel, and call inertia, is that lagging back matter wave being pulled up-up-up, as a resistance.

At the core of the fermion is a lenticular shaped wave galaxy that also inductance-records each quantum area input/output as an increase of equatorial area (or decrease). In other words, it isn't the vacuum of spacetime that "warps" the fermion itself is "warping"/changing shape. The wave galaxy knows exactly in which direction it is going, and how fast/hot. Thus, when you accelerate a baseball, except for the 1-Pv/2-Ws quantum steps, which you could never feel as a classical world inhabitant anyway, the order is capacitance/resistance/inductance happening simultaneously. Now, when the baseball slams into your other hand (or catcher's mitt) again the fermi-coulomb capacitance stops the Pv but the impact energy comes from over-running matter waves, and the wave galaxies again shrink back in equatorial area. So, acceleration is Pv>Ws and the w.g. goes from say 3 unit areas to 95 unit areas. Deceleration is Ws>Pv and the w.g. drops back from 95 unit areas to 3 unit areas. In transit the baseball is in a Ws=Pv momentum state.

But being in a gravity well it also travels in a parabola which means it is in freefall all of the way Gravity differs from inertia only in that the capacitance force is a bose effect instead of a fermi effect. Fermions obey the Pauli Exclusion rule: No 2 fermions (electrons) in an atom can have the same n,l,m or s number. Or as the Frank and Ernest cartoon says: a place for everything, and everything all over the place. This simple rule explains virtually all the physical facts of the world, you can think of it as the hate/uniqueness rule. The other rule is Bose Inclusion: for n number of bosons in a given state there is an n+1 enhancement factor for the next boson to join that state. Since photons are bosons the lasar is a good example of how unlimited bosons LIKE to get into the same state.

But fermions are half spin particles whereas bosons are integer spin particles, thus fermions pair up as ½+½=1 or 1F+1F=1B. This is why electrons naturally pair up in atoms as spin up/ spin down pairs in the electron cloud around a nucleus. And there are some 1050 fermions that compose the earth, virtually every single one of them paired up with another fermion in a bose-bond. So, even though they repel each other on a local level they become a vast sea of bosons in the global aggregate. This LOVE effect can even be seen in the clinging boundary layer/Van Der Waals effect of fluid viscosity: the larger & closer the molecules of the fluid, the higher the viscosity.

And so, even though the bose-coulomb capacitance force is some 37 orders of magnitude weaker than the fermi-electric field capacitance the F=koq1q2/d2 equation is of the same form as F=Gmlm2/d2 that Newton discovered. To wit, the LOVE force holding you onto the earth's surface is just like inertial deceleration: over-running matter waves. And the resistance of dPv is the familiar 9.8m/s2, in free fall.

And again, the wave galaxy at the core of the fermion keeps exact track of how fast the object is falling at any given instant, and in what direction. For a better view of the wave galaxy, see the data from the proton-proton scattering experiments, and for a better understanding of how fermions bose-bond see the London-London equation of superconductivity and how Cooper Pairs work.

As a model, the lenticular wave galaxy at.33x10-15m Æ in the proton explains many things: statistical bell curve/bose polar axis/fermi equatorial area-axis/ 720o phase angle of matter waves (up & over-down & under)/ "time" dilation as expanding rim u quarks, at a finite velocity, take ever and ever longer to complete an orbit-the Lorentz Contraction/the central d quark being both bose attracted and fermi repelled from either of the 2 u rim quarks, thus the central wave bubble/faster = hotter = increasing equatorial plane = more energy-area-room for d or u quarks to "boil" or "clone" into those new energy "pockets" = the plethora of excited particles seen in high energy collisions/as the wave galaxy approaches the c limit it flattens in the 1ongitudinal bose-polar direction (=shorter wave length) and expands in the fermi-transverse direction, thus the decreasing cone of radiation in synchrotron radiation/whv the most efficient-natural form of a gyroscope is a fat hub-thin rim of a lenticular galaxy form/our own Milky Way Galaxy is a large scale form of the tiny seed form in a fermion. . .and much more.

The point then is that "time" is actually a wave-particle object-form, and producing-controlling matter waves with this form as one does with a tunable lasar means direct control of time/inertia/gravity at variable rates or stop on a single W=P frame. Example: hit the pause button on your VCR remote, or hit fast forward; now apply that idea to living organisms in "time"....

So, have you thought of a "time" event that is NOT an energy event? Uh oh. Time's up! You are OUT OF TIME! ! !

With simple graphics it can be seen that: inertial acceleration is step 1 = +dPv from fermi-repulsion, then step 2 = +dWs (or dl which is the frictional drag that is called "inertia" or "inertial mass". Thus a new quantum area h is added in the equatorial plane of the wave galaxy and a new point is reached up the momentum diagonal, or D, line; to satisfy W=P complementarity. See Figure 1.

: inertial deceleration is step 1 = -dPv, again by fermi-repulsion, then step 2 = -dWs. Now the stored up matter wave energy/wave length comes out as over-running dl, or the WHUMP of the baseball into the mitt. The invisible +dWs that was deposited in the energy bank as Pv>Ws acceleration is now withdrawn as -dWs in Ws> Pv deceleration, but w/o fees or interest. See Figure 2.

: gravitational acceleration is step 1 = +dWs via bose attraction, then step 2 = +dPv with a frictional drag of 9.8m/s2 . in free fall. Now it is the Particle velocity that lags back and is dragged, silently kicking and screaming in the vacuum, to earth's terminal velocity of 11 kps.

: weight on the earth's surface is then the same as inertial deceleration: over running matter wave energy (±dWs). The downward centripetal force of +dPv is countered by the upward -dPv of fermi repulsion of the solid earth. Thus weight (w=mg) is the same thing as the baseball being constantly slammed into the mitt, or W>P.

: inertial mass is then a stairway climb of dPv treads and dWs risers from nosing point to nosing point of balanced W=P momentum values. dPv is the "action" and dWs is the "reaction", under the momentum D line. Each new momentum balance point defines a new h area (shaded) or, how you go from mv to mv2 to mv to mv2. . .or (W=P) to (W¹P) to (W=P) to (W¹P) . . . .The first dPv tread is (1)½2.574x10-17 m/s then (2)½2.574x10-17 m/s, etc. The first dWs riser is the same in newtons of wave force. : gravitational mass is then just the opposite of a stairway climb of dWs risers and dPv treads on top of the momentum D line. dWs energy is drawn from the vast bose-coulomb reservoir of potential energy of the earth's gravity well and turned into the dPv of 9.8m/s2, similar to an electron moving toward a nucleus, trading potential energy for kinetic energy in the process. See Figure 3.

: anti-gravity/inertialess motion/no time as "delta momentum", or jumping from point to point up (or down) the D line is then just a matter of simultaneously changing dWs and dPv at the same rate. Neither dWs or dPv is left behind as frictional mass (time), the system of fermions stays-on (or near) the D line and feel neither "time" or "mass" in a, say, 1000g acceleration. This in turn requires the production and control of matter waves (the "wave function") in a manner similar to a tuneable lasar. This then infers a macroscopic construct of the wave galaxy as a C.M. quantum/relativistic object.

The Wave Galaxy - Hot and Cold

As the wave galaxy cycles between hot-fast thin and cold-slow-fat it goes through many trillions of intermediate quantum area steps in the equatorial plane as indicated by the dashed lines. Two rim quarks define that equatorial area as indicated by the black dots. The central open dot is the third quark that is both bose attracted to and fermi repelled to either of the rim quarks. See Figure 4.

As the inductance record of the proton, a UDU(+2/3,-1/3,+2/3 electric charge) configuration, the w.g. is a double-double-double: the left side to right side matter wave is doubled, top and bottom; the bose polar dimension/amplitude is also the bose-photon wavelength determinant; and since shorter Bose wavelength = higher energy, and longer fermi-matter wave length ALSO = higher energy, this w.g. form does double duty, as it expands and contracts, in faithfully recording each and every .0000000000000000000000000000000006625 watts of quantum area steps between 0° Kelvin and c. In conjunction with the resistance and capacitance aspects of mass=KE=time then, this tiny wave galaxy at the core of fermions is then the motor/generator record of higher/lower energy levels. It knows exactly where it is and how fast it is going.

As simple as this looks it expresses the essence of some 300 years of scientific work, from Newton's Laws to the present cutting edge work in probing nucleon structure. Gyroscopes (moment of inertia, spin angular momentum), the Blackbody Radiation curve, electrodynamics, the 4 forces, cold to hot, "time", superconductivity/fluidity/mobility, statistics, spiral galaxies such as our own. . .start right here with this simple seed form of the wave galaxy.

The Wave Galaxy as the Psi Function

It has often been lamented that there is no picture of the psi function or the statistical gaussian-bell of quantum mechanics, well here it is. The central quark has an equal probability to be anywhere in the volume bounded by the top and bottom matter-waves-in the round. Rarely it is close to one of the rim quarks but has a much greater probability to be somewhere in the middle. Although it is bose-attracted to the rim quarks as well as being fermi-repelled (a damned if you do/damned if you don't situation) one can think of the central quark as a gas molecule bouncing around in an enclosure. Three possible locations (of zillions) are shown which correspond with points on the gaussian-bell curve. See Figure 5.

As one can see then, the rim quarks define the equatorial quantum increment area-plane but the third quark is free to roam around in the bubble, keeping the wave galaxy almost always off balance. Thus fermions, as structured objects, are virtually always asymmetrical in any W¹P mass=KE=time "take". This then is the origin of statistical "chance": why you are "tall" or "short", why you miss that golf putt, why you didn't win the lottery, insurance statistics, the Boltzman curve, dice rolls, probabilities of all kinds.

Einstein often said, "God does not play dice". Hawking says that not only does God play dice, he throws them where they can't be seen (inside black holes). The mistake in the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is that dMxdP (or dflxdW) is the arbiter of chance. Actually it is this central off-balance quark that determines chance. And yet there are those (Wheeler/Gribben/Everett) that believe that probability is actuality. They are the gurus of those who buy a lottery ticket and spend idle hours dreaming of what they will buy with their winnings.

Understanding then that statistical chance is actually an electrically charged quark inside the wave galaxy one can see how it could be confined/controlled electrostatically in a macro wave galaxy and thus control "chance". . .

The Wave Galaxy as t-Dilation

This picture shows how Einstein's Relativistic Rocket and Kepler's 2nd Law are related. As the w.g. goes from fat- slow-cold to thin-fast-hot the rim quarks orbit further and further apart. Thus, as the rocket approaches c (upward in the side view) it flattens in the longitudinal (bose-polar) dimension and expands in the transverse (fermi-equatorial plane) area.


Kepler's 2nd Law (equal area/equal time) says that in a given gravity well, say the sun's, each planetary orbit sweeps out an equal arc of area in an equal time. Thus Mercury has a .241 yr orbital period and Pluto has a 247.7 yr orbital period but in 22 days(1/4 of Mercury's orbital period) the arc-of-area is exactly equal to Pluto's arc of area in that same 22 day period. Why? Time IS area! ! ! See Figure 6.

Thus, when the rim quarks orbit further and further apart they take longer and longer to complete an orbit, thus, "time" slows down, or time dilation, because they are traveling in orbit as spin angular momentum. A familiar example is the ice skater who extends arms/legs outward on the start of a spin, then draws them inward and like magic spins faster. What you don't see, in the classical mechanical world you live in, is the skater actually shrinking in the bose-polar axis dimension when the arms/legs are drawn in. But it is seen in relativistic velocities as v approaches c. And, because of the slightly expanded wave galaxy from over running matter wave length/energy in the earth's gravity well, "time" runs about 1/20,000,000th slower than flat space. And too, falling into a black hole is a. very novel form of suicide. Locally all the fermi-wave galaxies of your body expand toward infinity, time stops for you; and yet globally you are GONE into the event horizon in an eye blink. . . .

The Wave Galaxy as Synchrotron Radiation

Several experiments have shown the electron to be only a point particle without resolvable structure and yet its spin, magnetic moment and other properties argue for some kind of internal structure no matter how small. Many theoretical models point to a hollow torus (donut)of electric current flow with involuting/evoluting magnetic loops as in a short solenoid. From the quark model the electron should be a DDD(-1/3,-1/3,-1/3=-1) and yet it is a lepton whereas the proton is a hadron. And yet again both lose 99%+ of input energy in accelerators, in curved trajectories, whether as a torus or wave galaxy.

Thus, as the fermion goes from a low energy/high wobble-gyroscopic precession/ radio wave to high energy/tight wobble/gamma wave, the cone of radiation tightens and bose-polar wavelength shortens. At low temperatures or chaotic conditions of a collection of fermions the radiation will be in all directions on the black body curve, but in a coherent structure such as the black hole at the core of active galactic nuclei (AGNs) or in a macro wave galaxy the radiation emission snaps to the +Z and -Z axis (bose polar axis). See Figure 7.

As the black hole swallows matter through the event horizon it emits, through the north and south poles, a coherent beam known as a radio jet that is thousands of light years long. The scorched image on the shroud of Turin has been likened to a gamma ray burst (coherent in the +Z and -Z directions) at 1 meter from the linen cloth.

Thus, the heat-energy-area from 300° K to 0° K is radiation-bled-off as coherent up and down gamma rays of fermions that have been slam-frozen, within the context of the first law of thermodynamics. The macro wave galaxy, in going from a higher to lower energy state, also coherently emits up and down radiation, i.e., "saucer nests"....

The Wave Galaxy as Cloning-Phase Change

Recent experiments have show that at higher and higher energies the 3 quarks inside the proton seem to clone into particle/anti particles, or undergo a sort of phase change such as H20 does in going from ice to water to steam to hydrolysis H & 0 to plasma. Thus, in collisions a whole plethora of particles results from high energy interactions. This can be understood as a consequence of a greater and greater equatorial plane area of x units of h quanta: there is more energy-room for more quarks to appear, more "pockets". Thus as high energy physics chases after the Higgs boson, superstrings, and other theoretical particles/forces, what really happens in the wave galaxy (or collection thereof) is that ever and ever more side pockets of energy have to be filled to reach that peak. Instead of reaching the high, narrow peak as in the lower figure, the ever spreading rim quarks/eq. plane area/wave galaxy volume fill with ever and ever more cloned/boiled quarks in a sort of democratic spreading process as defined by the Pauli Exclusion Principle; or as the Frank and Ernest cartoon says: My motto is, "A place for everything and everything all over the place".

Thus, putting ever more GEVs in pedal-to-the-metal synchrotron accelerator protons/anti-protons is essentially the same as using all the mass-energy in the universe as rocket fuel to get the Einsteinian Rocket to c. . . . can't be done. As the particle velocity increases toward c then, the wave response, from the lower to upper figure, is to become a "bosing fermion", or flatten against the bose c-wall and fermi spread out in the transverse radial directions (equatorial plane). See Figure 8.

In the macro wave galaxy this cloning/twinning/boiling of quarks, as the particle response to the higher wave energy, can have some novel/quantum weird effects virtually unthinkable to a classical world inhabitant.

The Wave Galaxy in the c2 Lineal Mode

DeBroglie's Equation: U=c2/v, where U is the speed of the matter wave crest, has 2 different interpretations: AREA or LINE. AREA means mass, or mv2 whereas LINE means momentum, or mv. Thus in the spinning wave galaxy at rest the matter wave bounces back and forth between the opposite rim quarks in its 720° phase angle (figure 8 as 2 reference circles) and thus wave-defines rest mass + accelerated mass(=KE=time). See Figure 9. This internal-reflection-in-the-round explanation then is more rational than the group-phase explanation advanced to "relativity-cover" U=c2/v which implies that matter waves travel from c to c2, which the c-limit says is impossible. But what the relativists are referring to is the bosing-fermion just explained.

A velocity vector in any other than the equatorial plane means that the wave galaxy/fermion orients to that vector and bose-flattens to the c-limit. BUT, there is a FTL loophole: U=c2/v as a momentum LINE. But first a bit of mathematics to lay the groundwork: from Fermat' s Last (An+Bn= Cn where n is greater than 2) we have the "secret" that there are TWO kinds of multiplication and TWO kinds of division: QUANTITY and QUALITY. Thus there are TWO different answers to nx0=? and n/0=? Fantasy says nx0=0 and n/0=infinity; reality says that nx0=n and n/0=n. Which is your choice?

Thus, in the combined energy equation E=mc2=hw with m (mass) = 0 and w (the"wave number") = l or 0, the momentum equation becomes E=c2=h=U; and the macro wave galaxy, as a BIG NEUTRON jumps to c2(1 light year in 105 sec) on an azimuth vector in the equatorial plane and internal particle velocity drops to the last dPv of the fermion(s) wave galaxy. Analogy: fast asleep in a high speed jet.

The next section of this Sherlock Holmes mystery is the conclusion: how we go from a theoretical model to nuts and bolts engineering. . . .

The Macro Wave Galaxy

The wave galaxy at the core of a hadron, say a neutron, can be reproduced at a large scale with the correct materials and processes. Start with a ring-pipe of a type II superconductor, say 10 meters in diameter. The O.D. of the pipe is, say, 5 cm and I.D. 2.5 cm. The pipe is filled w/high pressure Helium 3 in one or more of the A, A1 or B phases. At a cryogenic temperature well below 1° K the He3 becomes a superfluid and thus exhibits quantum effects at macroscopic scales. See Figure 10.

As the magnetic field increases the familiar triangular lattice-pattern of fluxions appear in the type II superconductor. A chevrel alloy may be required. Not shown is another outside pipe-system that is the Lenz-Law-Driver, call it the "mold".

If the w.g. of a neutron is .33x10-15m-2 in AREA = 939.5 mev (1.5x10-1OJ) as the strong force equivalent of the equatorial energy-area (as defined by the rim quarks), then a 10 m Æ ring as a macrowavegalaxy, at 75.54 m2 would be: 78.54/ 8.553x10-32m2 of the neutron's w.9.=9.18274x1032x1.5x10-10=1.38x1023 joules. At 3.6x106J/KWH, 100% eff, 5¢/KWH, that's $1.917x1015 worth of electricity contained in a 10 meter diameter macrowavegalaxy-ring. At a world GNP of 5x10 that is 38 years worth. . .of something that could fit into a large classroom. . .

Even at an electromagnetic force level of 1/137th, relative to the bose strong force (times 2 for the mold energy) that still works out to something like $2.8 x 1013 worth of electricity. Thus, a wholly new source of energy is required, thus see

The small ellipses inside the pipe indicate co-orbiting He3 atoms-pairs. By the 1F+1F=1B rule the single neutron in the He3 nucleus has a fermi magnetic moment and unpaired spin ½. Although chemically inert at cryogenic temperatures the tiny unbalanced magnetic moment of the He3 nucleus bose-bonds with another He3 nucleus at a coherence length-matter wavelength like Cooper pair electrons.

But now the co-orbiting He3 atoms are some 11,035 "times" the mass of 2 electrons. The Protons are shown as black dots, the neutrons as open circles. Thus, the 2 co-orbiting He3 atoms are like a QM version of 2 star systems orbiting around each other as they drift along a magnetic field line - B. The 2 neutrons spin-flip up-down as a (lF+lF=lB) bose-bond at the ends of the matter wave just like 2 orbiting electrons. And like Cooper pair electrons in superconductivity there are thousands / millions of other interspersed He3-He3 pairs that pass through any 2 pairs separated by a given coherence length. Because this is a superfluid there is no viscosity and so, strange as it may seem, the interspersed pairs act as if the other pairs weren't even there! It is as if 2 streams of water intersected at 90° ...and yet didn't splash-react at all, but such is the strangeness-weirdness of quantum mechanics. See Figure 11.

Inside the pipe then, the flowing He3 pairs are something like a stream of water in a hose but on a microscopic scale this "water" flows through itself as if each pair was in splendid isolation like 2 co-orbiting star systems far out in interstellar space. And yet, being in a bose "love" bond, each pair joins the overall bose flow from the Bose Rule: With n number of bosons in a given state, there is an n+l enhancement factor for the next boson to join that state. Thus, each incremental step up in energy is immediately felt by all pairs in this coherent bose fluid, there are no inhomogeneous swirls/eddies left behind anywhere as would be found with water.

t=KE=mass=(W¹P) as a formula is relavent at all scales, but the objective here is to translate the energy-area, in x units of quanta, of the hadron-neutron's wave galaxy to a larger size. Thus, an increase in the magnetic field strength of the mold-input pipe, equates with an increased orbital area/coherence length/matter wave length of all He3 pairs. . . .

Being confined in the 2.5 cm ring-pipe the He3 pairs, like circles within circles, orbit further and further apart with each incremental step up in B’ energy input. In this phase, the matter wave length stays constant for each diameter. But as the field strength is still further increased the He3 atoms run in the walls of the pipe, thus fermi repulsion. At this point coulomb pressure limits become important in that this is something like a pressure vessel, the quantum-hot He3 pairs are expanding in area which is equivalent to saying higher heat (greater area). Thus the orbits are forced into a curved racetrack or curved sausage shape and the coherence/matter wave gets stretched back and forth like a flexing rubber band. With more and more energy input the matter wave length gets longer and longer and longer until. . . .SNAP: now ½ of the He3 atoms are moving clockwise and ½ counterclockwise. The coherence length that was on the order of about 100 angstroms has now become a coherence length of some 1011 angstroms. See Figure 12.

At this point then a "bohr radius" atom, 10 meters in diameter, has been created. The He3 single neutrons on opposite sides are like Helium electrons at a single matter wave length. All the properties of the helium atom are now right here at a CM scale, ready to be studied in the lab.

Now the input B’ field can be turned off. The next step is going still smaller, to the wave galaxy inside the neutron.

Now place a hollow, evacuated, cylinder with rounded ends on the polar axis. It will be the electrostatic chamber. As Coulomb pressure (++) is applied axially to the e.c. the "bohr-radius" atom/ring-pipe jumps to a neutron macrowavegalaxy form: 6 new electric charges appear, 4 D (-1/3) in the ring and 2 U (+2/3) in the e.c.; and the ring-pipe actually deforms outward in area. The entire configuration "warps" as indicated. The conservation of electric charge law is not violated as all the new charges are balanced, i.e., a helium atom is a DUD(-1/3+2/3-1/3=0). These are of course quark fractional charges that suddenly appear. From the psi function/bell curve there is only a small probability that the 2 new U quark charges will first appear inside the e.c. and so several attempts will be required to "catch" both inside the e.c. by reverse (- -) then back again to (+-+). See Figure 13.

As the e.c. shrinks along the polar axis and ring-pipe expands in equatorial area, in this CM sized object, one can understand that it isn’t the vacuum that warps in space-time, it is matter itself that warps with higher/lower energy values. Relativistic space-time isn't 4 dimensional, it is 5 dimensional: xyzwp. Although this is actually 2 helium wavegalaxies in one all that happens at .33x10-15m Æ can be seen at this scale. Think of the x-y plane as the ring plane and the z axis as the polar axis. The sine wave above and below, between the ring-rim quarks (orbiting helium 3 atoms) as the fermi matter wave length-in-the-round (w) and the entire construct as the "particle" (p).

After some 1023J of input energy then, one has a macrowavegalaxy of a neutron. What next? Does it decay with the usual 15 minute 1/2 life, or what?

Now with the mwg expanding or contracting in area it can go either way, i.e., dashed lines = cold-slow, or solid lines = hot-fast. With an unbalanced + charge on the e.c. it moves sideways(or on any vector), as hot-fast. Or, if it slows down (solid to dashed) the excess equatorial area is bled off as a coherent burst of radiation (bose-photons) on the +z and -z axes. This then explains "saucer nests", active galactic nuclei jets aud the scorch on the shroud of Turin: excess energy is emitted in the bose polar directions. See Figure 14.

As strange as it may seem, a large mwg/vehicle is actually controlled by changing the position of the central quarks in the e.c. And from the earlier concepts, it has to be done mentally; "time" is a movie from momentum still to momentum still, but that "picture still" is pure black/blank/cold, no motion or mass-change, by definition, is permitted in W=P momentum. So, how does one change an electric charge level where no physical change is allowed? Perhaps the physics of black holes can help. A black hole has only 3 parameters: spin, gravitational mass (bose capacitance) and electric charge. "Spin" can be thought of as a 90° interplay between wave energy and particle velocity. To wit, the moon's orbit is a compromise between tangential Pv and centripetal Ws from bose capacitance in earth' s gravity well, a circle (actually an ellipse). And, gravity is a matter wave greater than Pv. Thus both spin and gravity can be seen in complementary wave-particle terms, but electric charge seems to be something different. After several centuries of study, electric charge has been described several different ways, and yet no one seems to know exactly what it really IS.

To review then, t=KE=mass=(Ws¹Pv), not-t=PE=momentum=(Ws=Pv). Mass is capacitance/resistance/inductance happening simultaneously as a wave by particle imbalance, whereas momentum is a balance of wave = particle. The mwg isn't merely associated with "time" it IS time, a structured object-form. It can be directly controlled to W=P stop, or jump to c2 on an equatorial azimuth vector. By simultaneously changing dWs and dPv at the same rate the mwg stays on (or near) the momentum D line and a violent 1000g acceleration can feel as feather light as .001g. No back resistance is felt because the hidden, invisible matter wave-energy keeps exact pace with dpv. Instead of "inertia-less drive" or "anti-gravity drive" think of it as MATTER WAVE DRIVE. With it you could jump off of a 10 story building...and land as light as a feather, because you now know that gravitational free fall/weight is but over running matter waves. See Figure 15.

To conclude then, the mystery of "missing time" in alien abductions is explained in these 2 formulas: t=KE=mass=(Ws ¹ Pv) and not-t=PE=momentum= (Ws = Pv). Newton's First Law from 300 years ago has finally, after many twists, turns, dead ends in scientific development, lead to the macro wave galaxy above.

Wayne Powell

Montana, U.S


Reprinted with permission of the author.

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