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Feature Articles: Roswell Flying Saucer Photo Blowup Reveals Symbols

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Roswell Flying Saucer Photo Blowup Reveals Symbols

Here is a blow-up of some of the symbols (blow-up below), anomalous materials and a segment of an I-beam from the Roswell "Flying Saucer" wreckage fotos made in the office of General Roger Ramey in Fort Worth, Texas, on July 8, 1947. There is a high resolution version of this available. This segment was taken from an 11"x15" inch enlargement from an original negative supplied by the University of Texas Library at Arlington of a shot known as "Marcel (looking) right," but the same materials show in all six of the photos that I shot of General Ramey, Colonel Dubose and Major Marcel.

Date: 6/12/98 9:04:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Photograph of James Bond Johnson, Ph.D.

Below is a closeup of the symbols. If you locate a big white "blob" (top photo) in the center of the pix (it looks like it could be paper) then go just East to a "crossed scissors" of two flat beams. The upper of the two beams has the symbols displayed like a "chain from NW to SE. They are clearest at the top where we see three symbols that appear like a "fishhook", a "shark fin" and an "Ankh." Succeeding symbols get very fuzzy clear to the bottom of the pix. Can you zoom in on the "symbols" I am describing? Further enlargement causes them to break up into "pixels."

Roswell crash photograph of I-beam and other anomalous material.


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