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Feature Articles: Stanton Friedman Disputes Roswell Crash Photographs

Feature Articles: Alien Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, Conspiracies, Roswell, UFOs

Stanton Friedman Disputes Roswell Crash Photographs

Date: 98-06-21 19:11:22 EDT
From: Stanton T. Friedman
To: James Bond Johnson

Bond you really have your nerve peddling this fiction as fact.

l. The 8x10 prints made about 19 years ago show the same pieces of radar reflector garbage and splotches. There is no new or old I-beam. There are no symbols. You are not the Roswell Photopgrapher, you photographed pieces of radar reflector garbage. I wonder who this new Roswell writer is?

Somebody else who hasn't looked at the I beam replica? Somebody else who wants to be somebody at the expense of truth? Frankly I think you should be ashamed.

Stan Friedman

James Bond Johnson wrote:

To see the symbols, I-beam and other anomalous materials to be seen in the Roswell Photo blowup and without having to bother with a password, please go to this new web site: AAER

Then clik on:

"First Photograph of Roswell "Flying Saucer" Symbols"

Be sure and go to the second picture down, which shows the symbols in close-up. Sorry that with this much enlargement the symbols look fuzzy.... But you should be able to distinguish the "fishhook, the "fin" and the "Ankh," the first three in a string of symbols reading down along the beam. Someone has suggested that these symbols would be better "colorized". I guess if "colorizing" improves old John Wayne movies maybe we should try that! Any other ideas? Good luck!
James Bond Johnson
PS -- I am meeting today with a new Roswell writer who thinks that he may be able to identify each of the anomalous materials and symbols seen here and can actually locate the spot in the Roswell spacecraft where they originated! We live in interesting times! Keep tuned!


Stanton T. Friedman, UFO Author

Picture of Stanton Friedman

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