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Feature Articles: Interview with Former Roswell Weatherman Irving Newton

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Interview with Former Roswell Weatherman Irving Newton

Had a nice long fonecon [phone conversation] this afternoon with Irving Newton, 78, of San Antonio, TX, the Ramey weatherman and Roswell debris "identifier." He seemed pleased to hear from me (we never had talked before) and was quite open and eager to talk. He has quite a collection of Roswell memorabilia and offered to "lay it all out" if I will come to San Antonio to visit with him. He has several copies -- but no negatives or originals -- of the photo of him in General Ramey's office. He has no idea who took the photo. He confirmed most of the stories told about him in the Roswell accounts, with a few notable exceptions:

He was the only weatherman on duty in air operations on the late afternoon of July 8, 1947. They ran a 24 hour shop and a weatherman was supposed to be in air operations at all times. He was summoned to Ramey's office first by COL. Dubose and then personally by GEN Ramey. He supports accounts of harsh language from Ramey ordering him to Ramey's office. He thinks he arrived at Ramey's office -- just a few blocks from air operations -- between 4:30 and 5 p.m. (That must have been only a short time after I had finished taking my fotos and departed Ramey's office.)

Newton was met and briefed by COL. Dubose who told him upon his arrival at Ramey's office that the General was uncertain whether this was a flying saucer and maybe it was a weather device, and he wanted Newton to take a look. Newton said he took one look at the debris spread out on the carpet and said "If that is not a Rawin device I will eat it!" Newton is DEAD CERTAIN that what was on the floor in Ramey's office is what Marcel brought from Roswell. He says he has said this over and over for years to interviewers, and especially Randle and Friedman have simply ignored his statements. Newton seems to remember a few people in the office "taking notes." He assumed them to be reporters. He was not too clear on that point. It was not an especially momentous event for him.

He said that Major Marcel was there and followed him around the office trying to get him to look at "some of the sticks" he was holding and to see the strange symbols on them that Marcel thought were "not of this world." He does recall seeing strange random figures on some of these sticks.


James Bond Johnson, Roswell Crash Photographer

This all follows closely several accounts that I have read about Newton and his visit to Ramey's office. But there are mysteries here: why was Marcel's hat and tie gone from the radiator in the Newton foto? Would the major have gotten into uniform to talk with a warrant officer when he didn't for a media photographer? And is there less debris on the floor in the Newton shot than in the Ramey/Dubose fotos?

In the days following, Newton received many fone calls and letters from other AAF weathermen who had a variety of comments for him, but not from the press at that time. At a later time he was interviewed by Life Magazine and other magazines and a TV company interviewed him on camera in his home, etc. He and his wife were flown to Roswell in July 1996 for him to make a speech to tell his story. It was in an auditorium and there was an admission charged.

He described his experiences of July 8, 1947, and told the audience that the debris in Ramey's office was the "real stuff" that Marcel had brought from Roswell, but that several of the reporters simply ignored his statements in this regard. The inquiries have been few and far between recently and he was not invited to attend the last two Roswell anniversary bashes.

Conclusion:There are three people known to be living who actually saw and touched the Roswell debris: Jesse Marcel, Jr., Irving Newton and J. Bond Johnson. Marcel recalls his father telling him that at least PART of the debris in Ramey's office was the "real stuff." Newton is DEAD CERTAIN that the debris on the floor of Ramey's office was the "real stuff" that Marcel brought from Roswell. Johnson, after carefully and at length interviewing Kevin Randle, Stan Friedman, Bill Moore, Jamie Shandera, Philip Klass and other "Roswell experts," has been unable to unearth ANY evidence whatsoever to support ANY "switch" of the "real stuff." The "balloon switch" story must have been pure fabrication of some of the Roswell writers!

--James Bond Johnson, Ph.D.
Fonecon With Irving Newton 8/15/98 Date: 98-08-15 20:24:22 EDT

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