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Feature Articles: Psychotronic Generators and Mindscan

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Psychotronic Generators and Mindscan

Psychotronic devices are specially fabricated tools for projecting energy and collecting and enhancing ESP-PSI power. The Soviets, and the USA both experimented with them, discovering some of the many uses of the units. Psychotronic warfare was a major part of the Soviets ESP/PSI research for years, the USA became interested after they realised the inherent power of ESP-PSI was being exploited successfully by the Soviets and that they were not about to fall too far behind.

Psychotronics are made from various materials such as fiber, foil, crystals, metal, and even stone. The existence of psychotronic devices became public when the research done in Czechoslovakia, and other parts of the Soviet Union was investigated by writers Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder in the late 60's and published in 1970 in a book called

Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain.

At first, the folks sharing their knowledge, such as Robert Pavlita, were very open about discussing psychotronic energy and showing how they could do various tasks, such as attracting non-metallic objects, even underwater and clearing polluted water samples in minutes. Some units even appeared to create a form of kinetic energy, measurable and witnessed by many. Then, the Soviets began to invade Czechoslovakia and brought the research by Americans to a standstill there.

When Robert Pavlita realised that improper handling of his home-made tools could negatively affect a human, the two edged sword of psychotronics was once again underway, this time with financial support from the Government and the cold war mentality which drove the superpowers to develop many, many weapons, some un-conventional.

Types of Psychotronic Generators

Some claim that the shape of a properly constructed pyramid container, could even keep a razor sharp for days of use. This particular idea may seem odd now, but in the Soviet Union, a set of blades were hard to come by...and the idea was developed and patented. The Great Pyramid is composed of a type of crystalline quartz . The effect of compressed quartz is the release of small amounts of electrical energy. The very size and weight of the pyramid insures that energy is present.. Certain texts and symbols in Egypt seem to depict what some have labeled technology.

The psychotronic power of the great pyramid of Egypt was noticed some time ago, by a Frenchman named Bovis, when he found a dead cat in the pyramid which was not rotted. He experimented and discovered something about the shape, which consistently seemed to preserve.

The use of a "magic" staff was recorded in the Bible, held aloft by Moses, the people bitten by poisonous snakes, were saved, apparently by looking at it. The staff was described as being two serpents with wings (not unlike the symbol still used by physicians, dating back to ancient Greece...) and also helped guide the Israelites across the desert.

Dr. Willheim Reich, a student of Freud's, developed a device, which at first was believed to treat cancer, sexual dysfunction, and other problems, called an "Orgone Accumulator" which evolved into a "wand" like device, which he and his assistants realised , seemed to attract and then repel UFOs....The notion of Official UFO censure and even alleged collaboration (claimed by more ex-military and others, myself included) may well explain why he was given a short prison sentence which he never survived... Folks such as Trevor Constable have reproduced the affect of attracting some type of activity when the units are active...When I personally created several such devices in 1976-77, I was eventually asked officially to quit.

The units when properly tuned, diverted storms, healed people and even attracted UFO activity. Lacking the funds to document every step of the process, I announced to certain trusted folks such as a prominent radio DJ in Omaha, Nebraska and others, (including an electronics expert) what the goal was (attracting aliens-weather modification etc.) and proceeded to demonstrate it, never failing to produce results, always as predicted...I tested it before I announced, to save embarrassment.

Instead of driving away the UFOs attracted, I seemed to be able to create intense levels of interaction. After one particularly effective unit utilising a small quartz crystal "called" a large lighted object, I managed to record tones from it on tape. I called the FCC and reported the unusual "tones" to see their reaction, which resulted in a long discussion of "E" and "F" layer (Ionosphere) 'skips' the FCC claimed that the nearby Air force base might be responsible...The kicker was that I phoned the tower at Eugene Eppely airfield where the Control tower operators visually verified the object and electronically located a "Radar signature-anomaly" (Radar Angel?) and linked the Airbase flight control operator into a three way conversation.

I had only been out of the active duty military service for about 3 years at that time, and under a substantial amount of surveillance due to my rather involved ESP-PSI research with CDEC (Combat Development Experimentation Command) and I believed that my investigations into such UFO and energy activity to be sanctioned. I felt that working with the Military and the Aliens would lead to a greater understanding of the nature of reality.


Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain

When I told several contacts that I was expecting a metallic spheroid to come from space as a gift from the "space people" to help me develop the next series of units, the Federal government stepped in, and the Air force refused to give me the metal (which fell about 5 miles from me) until they were finished. The material landed across the Missouri river near Council Bluffs, Iowa, in 1976. The next unit proved even more flexible as time would tell! I will discuss this in some detail, later.

Objects have been claimed to possess healing powers for centuries, and some have been recorded as causing death...the Arc of the Covenant was one such item. In the Bible, it was described as a powerful ritual object which enhanced contact with the God of Abraham in the "Holy of Holies" in the tabernacle. The use of various crystals in the construction of the mobile Temple and fittings worn by the High Priests (Urim and Thurim) a type of 'breast plate' is also documented. Some of the crystals used and valued by the ancients have a major part in our technology-lasers, radio parts, clocks and even nuclear research.

Locations such as the Pyramid of Geza complex, Stonehenge, Tiahuanaco, and others such as the Temple of Israel (the wall remains, the location was "holy" long before the more recent claims-claims leading to the modern fight for control still going on, one which may well be a major event in earth's history) all claimed a unique effect on reality. Some of these effects are measurable, and very real, perhaps the Earths energy field its self is a type of Psychotronic generator-that is a valid theory.

The ancient and mysterious Mayan priesthood, some of which still exists, used "ritual objects" to scan the skies ...they looked through a small window shape in a hand held device. You may remember the Mitchell-Hedges skull, found by archaeologists in Central America, which has interested researchers and psychics for some time, visions of remarkable clarity appear within the structure which is the size of a human's skull. Page 36 of retired Lt. Col. Thomas Beardon's book "The Excalibur Briefing" discusses this skull and some Human inter-actions with it in some detail.

My ancestors, the Plains Indians, had certain chosen, gifted healers and Shamen, which held certain ritual objects in high esteem for conducting vision journeys and guiding the tribe to food and better living. The belief in "star people" and "moving Stars" are found among several Native tribes in the Americas....

In Tibet, the Dalai Lama held on to an object called a "dorgie" which helped in esoteric ceremonies, the country is dotted by ceremonial mounds called "Stupas" which are a lot like a small pyramid, some in India were quite developed, complete with healings, visions and increased feelings of well being.

The manipulation of beads by the various religious groups in Tibet, India, and Nepal as well as certain Asian Buddhists and even Catholics, may well draw on the principle of symbolic belief and the infused power of the Human Psyche. What at first glance, may appear as primitive superstition, proved in time to be one of the most real tools for changing consciousness. The negative effects of psychotronic generation are discussed in Bearden's book as well as the positive.

The aborigines in Australia and in Africa, beloved that "magic" would move from the person operating the bone, etc. (Voodoo) could protect and even gain revenge or power over people, much the same as certain Christian beliefs in the Cross (an ancient symbol predating Christianity).

The relationship between "casualty" and consciousness has attracted new thinking about the nature of what is called Quantum Physics. When some one claims psychotronics are being used against them, it is likely to be true. Who is using these devices, which can range up to what is called "Scalar Wave Mechanics" or even a variation of what is termed "Zero-point energy" research, may well be attempting to silence, control or even disable an individual, or group.


Why is this subject not widely addressed? It is associated with reality and the control of resources as well as the control of the public. This always has historically resulted in escalation of powerful groups to key positions in this world, usually one with war and repression as a prime side effect...The UFO equation indicates that every possible tool for good and/or bad is up for grabs. If the negative forces on planet Earth intends to remain in control, prolonging their headlong rush to wealth and control, with them selves in charge, the ancient technology and energy-the modern derivatives and the UFO reality must be concealed, distorted and the claims (such as mine, Lt. Col. Beardon, Dr. Michael Wolf's, Col. Corso and many others, repressed, and suppressed....

Free energy and healing? Yes. When will it be available as the gift it is? Very soon, I believe. The future will show who is right, and the society of Humans will benefit from the application of reality-to greet the dawn of the new day of Man. The selfish who seek to grind the people underfoot, treating them like a cheap resource, and degrading their lives in every way, are soon to yield to the greater cause of justice, peace and even love.

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