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Feature Articles: Bigfoot, Psychic Phenomena and Ghosts

Feature Articles: Alien Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, Conspiracies, Roswell, UFOs

Bigfoot, Psychic Phenomena and Ghosts

In conversations with those who take a serious interest in UFO's, I occasionally hear individuals say that they're not interested in one to all of these other paranormal topics. But, to find an ultimate answer to what UFO's and who their occupants are, can one afford to quickly disregard a possible connection to these other subjects?

At this year's MUFON International Symposium, Pennsylvania State Director Stan Gordon told of many "bigfoot near UFO" sightings, from his home state. Classic bigfoot creatures (tall, hairy, ape men) have been reported in the immediate presence of glowing disc-shaped craft in a handful of sightings over the years, as well as being sighted in hotspot areas during periods of UFO flaps. Whether these sometimes savage creatures are the pilots of these craft or have some other specific purpose in conjunction with the discs’ operators, is unknown.

More commonly reported are occurrences of psychic phenomena by many experiencers. Two prevalent examples are premonitions and subjection to poltergeist activity. Often, these will occur during a time period of abduction activity. Author Whitley Strieber is a prime example of being psychically in-tune, in time conjunction, with his abduction activity. Strieber even claims to have had his share of Out of Body Experiences (OBE's).


Abduction Investigator David Jacobs claims in his book "Secret Life" that some perceived OBE's are actual physical abductions where experiencers feel themselves floated through walls and into waiting craft by a technology beyond our comprehension. Experiencer author Betty Luca Andreasson claims, though, that, in many of her abductions, it is truly her spirit that is taken and that she has repeatedly met beings in a purely energy form. These energy beings, according to Betty, also employ a stored physical body, when needed.

This leads to ghosts. If certain extraterrestrial species are at a level of advancement to where they can freely exist in either a physical or energy form, then perceiving a being in this form is literally a form of a ghost. Possibly, an example of this is the "shadow being." These beings, who resemble three-dimensional shadows, have been reported inside the homes of some experiencers. Another angle on the ghost theory, as well, is the occasional report of certain extraterrestrials disguising themselves as deceased loved-ones to experiencers in an effort to calm them.

All of this is just a sampling of the interconnectivity.

Bigfoot, psychic phenomena, ghosts, and UFO's - can any of these be accurately classified as independently occurring phenomena (without ultimately some connection to one another)? Don't be surprised if one night you find yourself on a UFO during an OBE, only to find yourself confronted by the ghost of a bigfoot creature, just like the one you dreamt of the previous night. Who's to say it couldn't happen?

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