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Feature Articles: The AIDS-ET Connection Hypothesis Part 1

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The AIDS-ET Connection Hypothesis Part 1

The AIDS-ET Connection Hypothesis is a new, unifying scientific concept, which logically and simply explains and unifies the known facts relating to HIV/AIDS and Ufology (the study of Unidentified flying objects). Like any hypothesis, it is in the least well established stage of scientific knowledge, and provides a guideline for further study, investigation, and possible modification.

HIVs are Human Immuno Deficiency Viruses. After infection they replicate primarily in specific cells of the human immune system, especially T-4 lymphocytes, and by eventually killing these cells thereby weaken the immune system. When the immune system is weakened enough multiple opportunistic infections occur, due to attack by a variety of otherwise medically uncommon microorganisms. The resultant disease conditions are collectively termed Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS. Although appropriate medical treatment may be very helpful concerning delaying the onset of and reducing the severity of AIDS, AIDS is commonly considered an eventually lethal disease.

HIV is present in all the body fluids of infected persons. Infection is commonly spread by transfer of virus in body fluids, especially blood and semen. After infection there is a variable latent asymptomatic period of about on average 10 years, during which in the absence of laboratory tests infected persons will not know they are both infected and infectious. Infection can occur in utero, by passage through the birth canal or by nursing. Infected newborns usually die of AIDS within a few years.

HIVs are retroviruses employing RNA transcriptase for replication. This enzyme is notoriously prone to transcription errors in replication, so that the viruses rapidly change genetically (mutate). This rapid mutation rate works to make production of a generally effective preventive vaccine virtually impossible. It also insures that in time strains will arise resistant to all chemical treatments (1-3).

At this time world wide epidemics (pandemics) of HIVs are in progress. The number of HIV infected persons and AIDS cases world wide is unknown but believed to be rapidly increasing. (4). A noted authority states the epidemic’s spread is exponential, justifying cataclysmic expectations (1 p. 195).

(2). The geographical and general time origin of HIVs.AIDS was first seen in America when otherwise healthy young homosexual (gay) men presented to a San Francisco (west coast) physician in 1979. Several months other such cases in gay men were recognized in New York (on the east coast) (1).

An African physician near Zimbabwe (central Africa), reading about AIDS in an American Medical Journal, recognized the same syndrome in Africa, but affecting heterosexuals of both sexes, and newborns (2).

HIV appears to have emerged in Africa about the same time as in the United States. (2 p. 367). In 1984 Drs. Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier jointly received credit for the discovery of a new virus, infection with which caused AIDS. The virus was named HIV. In 1983 Dr. Montagnier isolated a HIV from the blood of a west African who, though dying of AIDS, repeatedly tested negative for HIV. This new HIV is genetically quite different from all the African and American strains of HIV. It is believed to have been present initially in western Africa and western India (6). The jointly discovered virus is now termed HIV-1, the Montagnier discovered virus HIV-2. The strain of HIV-1 discovered in America was originally homosexually but not heterosexually infectious. The HIV-1 and HIV-2 discovered in Africa were and are heterosexually infective (1,2). All HIVs are readily transmissible through blood and blood products. All HIVs may be transmissible in utero, by passage through the birth canal, or by nursing. All HIV’s can cause AIDS.

Accepted research on the origin of the different HIV pandemics indicates that they all evidently originated at close to the same time (around 1950) in five different widely distant locations; central and western Africa, both coasts of America, and western India. The central African strain was a heterosexually infective HIV-1, the east and west coast American strains were homosexually infective HIV-1, and the western Africa and western India strains were heterosexually infective HIV-2. This is what authorities such as Dr. Mirko Grmek and others who have studied the situation believe (1-4).

According to the above, HIVs all originated as a minimum in at least three genetically distinctly different strains (two of HIV-1 and one of HIV-2), two of which (HIV-1s and HIV-2) are so extremely different genetically that one could not have arisen from the other. These HIVs then infected susceptible gay and non-gay subjects in five different locations, on two distant continents, all at close to the same time. Note that each human infection would have had to occur shortly after each (unique) viral origination, because HIVs are rapidly inactivated outside the human body (3).

The foregoing established, scientifically accepted circumstances concerning the originations of the different strains of HIV-1 and HIV-2 and their resultant pandemics, indicate clearly that the origination of the HIVs and the resultant pandemics evidently cannot have occurred naturally. (1 p. 153).

I mention that for a microorganism strain to arise which was previously entirely unknown, because harmless or non-existent, and produce major human pandemics, is an occurrence previously unknown to both medical science and human history.

For all this to have occurred naturally is essentially impossible.

Nature simply does not work this way.Again, this troubling conclusion is the opinion of the world authority on the history of HIV/AIDS Mirko Grmek M.D. Ph.D. and others (1,4)

(3). Theories of HIV and pandemic originations.

Due to the fact that numerous investigators have come to the conclusion that HIVs and their pandemics cannot have originated naturally, several hypotheses involving purposeful creation and origination have been proposed to explain what happened. Prior to my hypothesis these were all iatrogenic (physician caused) or human conspiratorial theories. (2 p. 380). My hypothesis is a non-human conspiratorial concept.

All the conspiratorial theories are politically undesirable. As a consequence a politically correct, but scientifically incorrect and indefensible concept, has arisen and is supported and nurtured by the authorities of the western world, especially by the USA and its allies.

At this time the politically correct concept is simply that HIVs originated in Africa by an unusual, unique isolated case of transmission from a simian to humans. This simple concept is contrary to all the facts concerning the nature of HIVs and the origin of their pandemics.. To name just a few, Simian Immuno Viruses (SIVs), like other animal SIVs, are essentially harmless passenger viruses which do not cause an AIDS- like disease, SIVs are genetically very different from HIV-1, HIVs do not cause AIDS in simians including chimpanzees (despite many attempts), no HIV has ever been found in any animal, etc. At least 5 different simians with 3 different HIV strains at 5 distantly different locations, three in Africa and two in America, all at close to the same time, would have to be involved, etc. These and other such facts result in the simian origin concept being maintained publicly only by those with dependent funding. Authority Betty Korber working at Los Alamos recently communicated publicly about her important genetic work on HIV-1’s time origin. Her communication included a comment about the mystery of HIV’s origin. (5).

The origin of HIVs remains a mystery to human science. Meanwhile HIVs continue to do what they do best, infect and kill humans.

(4). Human purposeful creation of HIVs impossible.

Human iatrogenic concepts generally presuppose the HIV multiple pandemics originated in accidental or purposeful contamination of vaccines. Human conspiratorial concepts propose that HIVs are purposefully created Biological Warfare agents. I maintain all concepts that HIV came into existence by human origination are invalid, for five different reasons:


Illustration by kennb of Vancouver, Canada

(1). All attempts to reproduce the supposed accident which originated HIV have failed. It is extremely unlikely that an accidental occurrence could have produced HIV from non-HIV, when all such attempts by skilled researchers have not succeeded in doing so.

(2). Human science was quite incapable of creating HIVs in the time frame of HIV-1 origination, now placed between 1930 and 1940. The necessary knowledge of virology simply was not available then, and still is not now.

(3). The history of the HIV pandemics indicates against human involvement. The required vaccination programs did not exist in Africa and America during the required time frame of 1930 - 1940.

(4). There is no record or evidence of any Biological Warfare research program relating to HIV. What government would attempt to produce such a genocidal agent? What government would release it knowing there is no cure?

(5). The evidence from Ufology strongly suggests non-human involvement. The concept of non-human involvement logically and simply explains all the relevant facts from both Biomedicine and Ufology. The concept of human involvement is repeatedly in conflict with the same facts.

(5). Iatrogenic (medical) concept not possible.

Iatrogenic concepts rely upon accidental creations for the different HIV strains, and mass needle inoculations for the early initiation of the HIV pandemics. Inoculations by mouth, such as for example via the Sabin oral polio live virus, commonly given orally by sugar cube, are excluded, as HIVs are believed not infectious by consumption of food .

(4). To my knowledge human science has not, despite many attempts, ever succeeded in creating HIVs from non-HIV’s

(3). It is very improbable that where many purposeful skilled attempts have failed, an accident many years earlier could have achieved this result. Note that several purposeful linked events would have been necessary. As a minimum it would be necessary for two different strains of HIV-1 and one strain of HIV-2 to accidentally originate at the same time. And for the gay infecting virus to be given to gays by inoculation in America. While the non-gay infecting HIV-1 was given by inoculation to non-gays in central Africa. And the different non-gay infecting HIV-1 virus was given by inoculations to non-gays in western Africa and India. All at close to the same time. That all these events could have occurred accidentally and/or purposefully by human means appears so unlikely, that I consider them essentially impossible.

Therefore I consider the above considerations effectively exclude human iatrogenic theories of HIV origin.

(6).Human conspiratorial concept not possible. Briefly, human purposeful creation of HIVs is not possible because at the time HIVs originated, in the first half of the last century or earlier, human science was quite incapable of creating HIVs, even if it wanted to. The evidence is as follows.

When the human body becomes HIV infected its immune system eventually recognizes the infection and produces detectable antibodies to the HIVs, usually within weeks or months. This is termed seroconversion. Attempts to determine when HIVs originated include the study of frozen dated African and American blood samples to determine the earliest dates for seroconversion. To my knowledge nothing earlier than 1950 has been found. This indicates HIVs and their pandemics originated as early as 1950.

A time for HIV-1 origin can also be arrived at, by comparing the number of existent mutations with the viral mutation rate. In the hands of Wolinsky et al (6) this resulted in a time frame of 1930 to 1950. In the hands of Korber et al this resulted in a time frame of 1920 to 1940 (5).

The above indicates conclusively that HIVs originated no more recently than 1950. Most likely in the time frame of 1930 to 1940.

I maintain that it was impossible for human science to purposefully create HIVs (and infect people with them) even at the time of 1950, because virology in general and viral genetics in particular was not nearly knowledgeable enough. For example;

The key research enzyme Reverse Transcriptase, detection of which in the suspected AIDS virus provided the discovery that they were retroviruses, was discovered in 1970.

Retroviruses in humans were not discovered until 1978.

The polymerase chain reaction, central to retroviral research, was not discovered until 1983 (7).

Without any knowledge of or use of these tools, purposeful creation of HIVs would be technically impossible. In addition, what human agency would fund the development of such destructive agents? And after development purposefully release them, in the knowledge there was no generally effective prevention or treatment? And why in the time frame of 1930 to 1940? At this time America was still recovering from a great economic depression. These are not the circumstances under which an immensely and generally destructive new viral disease is developed and released.

The above considerations effectively exclude all human conspiratorial theories of HIV origin.

(7). A non-human conspiratorial theory. The conspiratorial theory can be saved by the concept that HIVs were originated and initially spread into humans by means of purposeful intelligence, that intelligence not being human. This concept is in good agreement with all the known facts, and to my knowledge is the only way they can be logically and simply explained.

(8). Supporting evidence from Ufology. Before proceeding further I immediately state that all the foregoing, though on the surface convincing regarding a non-human conspiratorial theory, is in fact far from convincing to the experienced scientist. If I had nothing more than the foregoing, I would never have sought publication of my hypothesis. In fact, however, there is a massive and convincing body of supportive evidence, from the independent source of Ufology. It is this evidence from Ufology, which in addition to the evidence from Biomedicine, encouraged me to formulate and publish the hypothesis.

The evidence from Biomedicine and Ufology is complementary and mutually supportive, and the hypothesis which results from combining the two simply and logically explains otherwise incomprehensible phenomena from both disciplines.

For example, the incomprehensible (high technology) origins of HIVs, the essentially simultaneous initiation of the different strains and their pandemics, the missing AIDS cases between 1945 and 1979, all become readily understandable by simply employing the concept that advanced extraterrestrial (ET) technology is involved. The incomprehensible phenomena of cattle mutilations become readily understandable with the understanding that the mutilations in fact occur at locations of HIV transmission in humans, and are in fact probably not mutilations but tissue samplings related to HIV transmission. The (harvested) cattle blood is genetically very similar to human blood (8), and may be taken in relation to HIV replication. The incomprehensible phenomena of human abduction with medical type examinations become understandable with the realization that the examinations emphasize locations of HIV transmission in humans (14).

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