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Feature Articles: The AIDS-ET Connection Hypothesis Part 2

Feature Articles: Alien Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, Conspiracies, Roswell, UFOs

The AIDS-ET Connection Hypothesis Part 2

Evidence From Ufology

The evidence from Ufology comes mostly from the two apparently different, but we shall see evidently related, subjects of Cattle Mutilations and Human Abductions. It is beyond this work’s scope to treat either of these subjects in any kind of detail. For more information see the voluminous literature under the heading of Ufology. As many scientists are not familiar with these subjects brief descriptions are in order.

Cattle Mutilations

(8). Cattle Mutilations and HIVs. A member of the family Bovidae domesticated Bos Taurus (plural cattle), usually a top grade animal, is in good health one day, and dead the next. It is found that body parts were taken from regions not good to eat, by means of laser-like very sharp cuts. The animal’s blood is not present, and there is little or no blood on the animal or ground. There are no tracks of any kind, predators, humans or vehicles, even with very soft ground. Sometimes animals have injuries or are found in conditions consistent with being dropped from a height. Large animals have been found in trees (9). It is not uncommon for UFO sightings to be reported in the general vicinity. These phenomena have been reported throughout the world, and widely investigated in America. There is no doubt that such cattle mutes occur. They are valid widespread phenomena and are also not just extremely isolated, very uncommon events.

The politically correct explanation, in America supplied by the county agent to angry, baffled cattlemen, is animal predators, probably coyotes. In reply one cattleman said, If the coyotes can do this then we are in deep trouble. In addition to animal predators it has been suggested that a cult, or the military, is responsible. The authorities publicly maintain the politically correct animal predator explanation, but due to investigations by their civilian and military assets know otherwise (9).

Animal predators are excluded for several reasons. There is the absence of predator tracks, the absence of animal blood, and the laser-like cuts. The mutilations are of meat not good to eat. The meat good to eat is left to rot. It is reported predators will not eat cattle mutes, nor will rendering facilities accept them (9).

The bizarre nature and circumstances of cattle mutes resulted in the concept that a cult was responsible. However this explanation is easily refuted. No cult is nearly large enough to create these widespread cattle mute phenomena. And even if they could, why would they? Without anyone ever hearing anything from them? No cult has ever claimed responsibility for even one cattle mute.

Although in theory the military is possibly large enough, and could lift cattle into helicopters, mutilate, and then drop them, why would they operate like this-? If desired cattle could be bought openly and mutilated/disposed of in secret.

It has been suggested that cattle at specific locations downwind from nuclear power plants were sampled for radioactivity. However many cattle mutes occur very distant from nuclear plants. And some occur in countries without nuclear energy. The body areas sampled do not include testing for the common isotopes of concern, such as I-131 (thyroid) or Sr-90 (bone).

Therefore the above proposed explanations for cattle mutes all fail. Evidently predators, cults, and the military are not responsible.

The key to understanding cattle mutilation phenomena is found in the fact I discovered that mutilations occur at body sites corresponding to HIV transmission sites in humans (except for the piece of skin and one ear). The genitals, anus, udder part of the mouth/jaw, a piece of skin, one eye, and one ear, usually the left, is commonly taken. Cattle mutes can be readily and logically explained as samplings of body materials from regions corresponding to HIV transmission in humans. Much has been made for example of the ubiquitous incomprehensible anal coring. Of course this body region is an important route of human HIV transmission (4).

I suggest the ear is taken because it contained the necessary locator implant (13). The skin is taken perhaps to study the possibility of HIV transmission via viral shedding from this route.

Possibly the cattle blood is taken because cattle blood is genetically closer to human blood than the blood of any other animal. It might be that cattle blood is harvested in relation to HIV antibodies. We employ large animals for the purpose of antibody production; one example is the use of horses to produce tetanus antitoxin.

The following recent scientific investigation of a cattle mute is informative.

A N. E. Utah pregnant cow mutilation case in good condition was thoroughly investigated by Ph.D. and Ph.D./D.V.M. personnel from the well funded National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS) headquartered in Las Vegas Nevada USA. NIDS had a complete professional necropsy made with proper samples taken for detailed laboratory analysis. The usual mutilation and blood findings were present; the left ear was missing. At autopsy the heart was found to be the consistency of pudding inside an intact pericardial membrane. In addition to more usual findings there was also a mysterious light blue biocida gel not seen before by any of the investigators. This gel was found on cut body surfaces and at the animal’s rear. A similar appearing blue biocidal gel was personally seen many years earlier and reported on in writing by USAF Col. Philip Corso deceased. Evidently its use was to preserve a dead grey ET alien, who Corso saw immersed in it (10).

NIDS photographed and analyzed the blue gel. It contained (volatile) formaldehyde at low concentration and was evidently a biocidal agent. Why was a biocidal agent employed under these circumstances? To protect against surface infection from what? One possibility is that the gel was employed to protect the unborn near term calf against infection through the birth canal. The cow’s former pregnancy was confirmed by two independent lab tests. The uterus was intact but empty, the calf was not found; there were no signs whatsoever of predators, or of it. Probably the calf was abducted.

Lab tests of the cow revealed a very abnormally low level of liver vitamin A and copper, and an imbalance in the extracellular sodium/potassium ratio favoring potassium. These results were published well before my studies reporting the same physiologic abnormalities in human abductees, believed related to the implant’s anti- vitamin A action. The evidence indicating the same biochemical abnormalities are found in humans as were found in this cattle mute (11), and also that the abnormalities in humans are due to the implant, also suggests such an implant was present in the cow before mutilation

Both common and uncommon cattle pathogens were tested for with negative test results. Although I repeatedly urged NIDS to also determine cattle mute sample HIV test status, and offered to pay for the testing, no such test results were ever reported.

In its final, detailed report NIDS stated the animal’s death may not have been due to natural causes (12).

The facts of HIV/AIDS and cattle mutes become logically and simply explainable only by the concept that ET phenomena are involved.

Human Abductions

(9).Human Abductions and HIVs. Briefly- a human or small number of humans see little grey ETs with big all black eyes and despite being terrified cannot resist being taken to a secure private location, frequently aboard a disk shaped craft. They are compelled to undress and lie down nude on medical type (cold) metal examining tables, and are then subjected to various medical type examinations and sometimes surgical procedures, all under direction of the hairless small grey beings with very large all black eyes. Although conscious there is generally little or no pain, though there are exceptions to this. First time abductees found suitable are implanted and will become multiple abductees. Young people are preferred- there is a belief among abductees that if you have not been taken by age 30 you will not be. On completion of the procedures information may be obtained by questioning, being shown scenes and their responses noted, etc. Occasionally such abductees are given a guided tour, brief general instructions, shown abnormal appearing children, etc. Then they are usually returned close to where they were abducted from. Memories of the abduction are consciously absent. So called screen memories are generally present to cover over events (12). The experience is usually emotionally traumatic. Despite the absence of conscious memory abductees are generally somewhat emoti onally disturbed, without knowing why.

There are objective indicators of such abductions. One is missing time; since conscious memories of the traumatic events are suppressed/screened over, there is no conscious explanation for the missing time, which can amount to hours or even days. Another is the peculiar small scoop shaped scar resulting from implantation. Implants are small solid objects placed into abductees bodies. Whatever the location implants are found on removal to be in contact with nervous cells. Being radio opaque implants show up readily on x-ray, where they are routinely reported as small foreign bodies of unknown origin. Some implants have been removed and then analyzed by advanced methods. The shape and composition is unlike anything ever seen previously (13). Objective evidence is also presented by the physiologic abnormalities such as the non- dietary vitamin A deficiency generally common to abductees, and believed due to the implant (11).

Repression of the traumatic abduction event(s) understandably results in lasting stress which can result in mental/emotional disturbance. Sleep disturbance is common. The abduction events can be recalled under hypnosis. Much of our knowledge concerning abduction events comes from hypnosis of abductees. Successful hypnotherapy very much reduces possible psychological disturbance. A diet rich in carrots has helped combat abduction related vitamin A deficiency usually with hormonal disturbances ( 11). Surgical removal of implants has resulted in lasting beneficial results (13).

Based on my detailed personal and email interviews with many so called alleged abductees, my examinations of scoop marks, study of abductee physiologic abnormalities, the fact of and nature of removed implants, etc. I believe the abduction phenomena are valid. Then what is going on here?

The medical type examination given abductees is in fact very different from a routine physical. The major organ systems we usually examine for disease are superficially checked, but evidently a careful examination is made of body regions involved in HIV transmission. For example, thorough time consuming uncomfortable anal probing is routinely given to males. Vaginas are also carefully examined.


The eyes and mouth are examined. If nursing a sample of milk is taken. Blood but not urine, sputum, saliva or fecal matter samples are taken. The skin is repeatedly gently scraped (possibly to evaluate for possible HIV transmission). And there is examination for generalized lymphadenopathy (common in AIDS), by lifting both arms or one arm (8, Secret Life) and checking the lymph nodes. Eggs and sperm are taken. Pregnant women have their foetuses taken (note correlation with the reports of abnormal appearing children, and the missing unborn calf).

Based on the above I suggest multiple abductees serve the following purposes.

(1) Provide monitoring concerning HIV infections in the human population (4).

(2) Provide human eggs, sperm and foetuses for study and use (14, 15).

(3) Provide information on human reactions and society (14).

It is not clear to what degree implantation may allow direct/indirect behavioral control.

I have attempted to evaluate the incidence of HIV infection among abductees. As far as I can tell it is abnormally low. Despite over 500 answered inquiries I never met or was told of any living abductee who was HIV positive. This suggests that abduction may indicate against HIV infection.

There is a case documented in writing by a living investigator, and confirmed by phone to me by another, where an abductee tested HIV positive until his implant was removed. After implant removal he tested and continues to test HIV negative. The implant was hollow and secreted a potassium like substance. No further information is available (4 p. 33).

If this abductee had been HIV infected, he would remain so after implant removal. The circumstances indicate the implant caused a positive HIV test without active virus being present. The HIV tests commonly employed clinically detect antibodies to HIV, not the virus. So this person’s implant either released such antibodies, or resulted in their production. Such antibodies would in theory be protective against viral infection.

The positive correlation between HIV test result and implant presence in this case indicates a connection between HIV and the implant. Human science does not have implants that can do this. Assuming the implants are ET phenomena, and I believe the overall evidence strongly suggests this, then a connection between HIVs and ETs is shown.


After reading my book The AIDS-ET Connection which presents essentially the above information in more detail, a number of people told me you haven’t proven anything. In a way this is true; the information presented is mostly circumstantial. In fact the strength of the hypothesis lies not so much in the evidence, but in the fact that it simply and logically explains so much. Like the Heliocentric theory of Copernicus, it simply and logically explains otherwise incomprehensible phenomena. By employing the AIDS-ET Connection concept diverse appearing and otherwise incomprehensible phenomena from Biomedicine and Ufology are explained in terms of each other. Everything seems to fit simply, easily and logically. No accessory hypothesis or condition is necessary.

The reaction of the authorities towards my work has been all negative. This suggests there is at least something valid there. For example.

Why is it that well-funded NIDS has not published HIV test status results on any of the cattle mute cases they investigated, despite my repeatedly corresponding with them and urging this, offering to pay the testing cost, etc? And despite their marked interest in my work? (they bought the first copy of my book). I suggest the answer is simple- they are a governmental asset, and like all such their policy is to collect and suppress important UFO related findings. This concept also explains why after being severely personally criticized in its pages by MUFON columnist Richard Hall, who has no scientific training, my resignation from MUFON was accepted by MUFON’s former president Walt Andrus Jr., without its ever being offered. It is public knowledge that the present President of MUFON Mr. John Schuessler is a member of NIDS’s Board of Directors, and that MUFON’s former Director of Abduction Studies John Carpenter recently sold MUFON’s confidential abductee information to NIDS’s Col. John Alexander CIA for $14,000. Carpenter publicly apologized for doing this, stating he needed the money for his divorce.

I have recently repeatedly applied again to MUFON for permission to submit research material for possible publication, and this has been repeatedly refused by Dwight Connelly MUFON’s Editor. I have repeatedly appealed this refusal to Mr. John Schuessler. Evidently he can do nothing. MUFON’s Editor Dwight Connelly continues to refuse consideration of my research for possible publication regardless of its subject. MUFON is America’s largest UFO organization. Its ongoing policy since 1998 of refusing to consider my research for possible publication, along with the policy of Western scientific journals not to publish anything even touching on Ufology, has effectively hindered awareness that the AIDS-ET Connection hypothesis exists. Such policy is the antithesis of the scientific method, which requires open publication with peer review, followed by testing with publication of the test results.

The reaction of the authorities towards my work has evidently been to take it very seriously. Again, this suggests there is at least something valid there.

For several years now I have asked persons working in the cattle mute field to either determine HIV test status of authentic mute cases, or provide me with samples for testing. My hypothesis predicts such cattle mutes will test positive. To date no such test results are available. In the absence of such test results I am attempting to look for objective evidence elsewhere.

The AIDS-ET Connection hypothesis is either essentially wrong or right. If it is wrong little is lost. Many scientists have proposed hypotheses which turned out to be invalid. If this should be the case, I have worked in good faith, and will be happy to stand corrected.

But if it is correct all will be lost, unless steps are taken to avoid that loss. This is the crux of the matter. We plan to be voyaging to other planets, and then to other star systems. We know what will happen should we find an attractive earth-like planet inhabited by intelligent but technologically inferior beings. The same thing will happen to those beings as happened to the natives in Africa, in the new world discovered by Columbus, etc. Their civilization will be destroyed, to make room for colonists. I suggest there is only one form of cosmic wealth, and that is real estate. We have it, the grey ETs evidently want it. We are the only obstacle that stands in the way. They are taking steps to eliminate that obstacle. This is what my hypothesis indicates. To ignore this possibility is completely irresponsible. I ask every responsible human being to consider the possibility that my hypothesis is valid. If it is valid then we must take steps to defend ourselves against HIV/AIDS. And against the originators of HIV.

What needs to be done?

The HIV/AIDS pandemics threaten the deaths of billions. Combating this scourge should be given the highest priority. It appears to me that in the long term all research efforts towards creating a generally preventive vaccine or treatment will fail. Because we are dealing with purposefully changing Biological Warfare agent situations, not a natural phenomena. Therefore I suggest efforts should be concentrated on preventing infection. Chastity outside marriage, and monogamy within marriage, are highly effective. Educate concerning protection against infection during sexual relations. Making HIV infection reportable is the only way to obtain reliable information on its incidence.

New infections could be very much reduced by socially quarantining infected persons. A possible method of social quarantining would be mandatory HIV testing plus the tattooing of HIV test results visible only under UV viewing.

The present policy of concealing the truth about UFOs is long outdated. It may have been helpful at one time but at present is evidently only harmful. This policy must be changed to one of free open inquiry. Let the word go out from the authorities that Ufology related research subjects will be considered for publication, and even funding. Doing this will result in the truth becoming known either way.

My AIDS-ET Connection hypothesis is presented for what it may be worth. Let us hope that the hypothesis is wrong.

Interested persons can contact me by email backup


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Reprinted with permission of the author.

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