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Feature Articles: The Clonaid Conspiracy

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The Clonaid Conspiracy

The alleged births of Clonaid clones on 12/26/02 and 1/3/03 are two items receiving worldwide attention. Clonaid's Scientific Director, Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, Ph.D., has been playing "peek a boo" with the media and the alleged cloned babies, by first offering DNA proof between mother and child, and then retracting it for various reasons. Claude Vorilhon, a former French jounalist and founder of the Raelians, created this cult he claims according to instructions he received from aliens. According to Rael (Vorilhon), the aliens instructed him to establish cloning and a worldwide embassy for aliens in 1973.

The aliens also told him that Jesus was a clone. Like the former "Heavens Gate" group which claimed to be following alien instructions when the group committed suicide in 1997, the Raelians are eager to cash in on similar publicity. But rather than commit suicide, the Raelians are seeking financial support and donations for their web site.

At the Raelian web site in 1997, Rael claimed he and a group of investors had set up a venture capital company in the Bahamas called, "Valiant Venture LTD." This new company would charge "as low as $200,000 U.S. dollars for its cloning services."


All of this came after the flurry of interest in the infamous cloned sheep named "Dolly" in Scotland. Clonaid would also offer a second service called "Insuraclone" which, for a $50,000 fee, "will provide the sampling and safe storage of cells from a living" person.

The Clonaid web site previously listed Marc Rivard, biologist, as the contact person and listed a phone and fax number for him. Coincidentally, Mr. Rivard's phone number at Clonaid is the same as that of the SDIE, which is the Societe de Developpement de L'Intelligence Emotionnelle in Quebec, Canada, an organization specializing in seminars and training on stress management. The Clonaid and Rael web sites have been virtually indistinguishable since their inception. Both web sites are on the same web server in numerical sequence and share the same webmaster.

The Raelians believe cloning allows the downloading of human consciousness into successive bodies. However, this does not explain why biological twins, which are "nature's clones," have different personalities even though their physical appearances are identical.

Unfortunately, the media hype over Clonaid and the Raelians has seriously damaged the UFO community. The Clonaid Conspirators will give the public another excuse to deny the existence of aliens.

While human cloning will be possible in the future, the alleged cloned babies by Clonaid and the Raelians will turn out to be the biggest hoax of 2003.

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