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Feature Articles: How to Design a Tesla Coil Free Energy System

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How to Design a Tesla Coil Free Energy System

A mathematician postulates the simplicity of constructing a "free energy" system from readily available electronical supplies. "Free energy" provides free light, heat and power at no cost to the user with minimal cost to maintain and little or no harm to the environment. At its simplest level, "free energy" is provided by a wind mill or a solar panel. Pioneers such as Nikola Tesla, a Croatian, faced inordinate obstacles from big business and governments over his attempts to patent products utilizing "free energy." Today's inventors of "free energy" products face overwhelming obstacles from oil and gas companies, as well as governments, because of a serious loss of revenues to these industries which thrive on the public's dependency for these services and products.

"Free energy" is of tremendous importance to organizations such as NASA, as seen in patent granted on November 2, 2001 and the U.S. Military, in developing aircraft which can lift their own weight plus a payload, can self-levitate, and provide for a vertical liftoff in virtual silence. Much speculation exists over the likelihood of UFOs utilizing "free energy" for traversing large distances in space or inter-dimensional space, or for rapidly deploying alien life forms from distant places or times to Earth.

Craig Zanotti, mathematician, claims to have discovered or rediscovered Fibonacci Pyramid Tesla Coil "Free Energy" system using a Torrid style scale Tesla Coil and Texas Instruments Photo Voltaic cells to feed it. Wind charger and dry cell batteries can feed it with steady pulse energy. A battery zapper found in standard high school electronic books can restore the dry cells to their original operation 90% or more of the time making the batteries last almost indefinitely. You can then keep the input electrical energy constant by feeding the Tesla Coil with a wind charger 12 volt. The coil lights up incandescent light bulbs or florescent tubes. Florescent tubes provide 24 / 7 light to photo voltaic cells. The voltaic cells can be wired in series for voltage, or in parallel for higher amperage or both series / parallel for amperage and voltage combined.

This electrical input is wired back to batteries directly. Then the electricity from either the batteries or Tesla Coil output is wired to a large Gyroscope with either a D.C.or A.C. motor. If the operator chooses an A.C. motor, you will need an inverter to convert D.C. to A.C.


Craig Zanotti

The inverter also converts D.C. to A.C. current to run the Torrid Tesla Coil on A.C. current. Either the A.C. or D.C. motor will turn the large Gyroscope that is really a large fly wheel.

You must have a clutch-like transmission gear system of an automobile to engage the Gyroscope. The reason for this is that the Gyroscope requires momentum or inertia to turn two standard electrical generators that again generate electrical power and the electrical energy coming from these two A.C. electrical generators then can power standard household electrical current.

Obviously, this system can be expanded with a larger solar voltaic system array. The Torrid Tesla Coil should be sufficient in voltage output to light up an acre or two. Ordinarily, there are also diodes wired in this electrical circuit between the wind charger and photo voltaic array to the D.C. nickel cadmium dry cell batteries of "C" or "D" size. The diodes prevent the current from flowing backwards after the sun goes down on the solar voltaic cells and draining the batteries or when the wind charger is not turning for lack of wind.

Thus, the diodes keep the current flowing in one direction preventing unwanted battery discharge. It is recommended they be installed only as a precaution to keep the current flowing in one direction and to prevent possible overload to batteries from a short circuit. The Torrid Tesla Coil must be at least a minimum of 40 volt input to operate it. See internet web site address called Tesla. 

This is a resonate amplitude system. Frequency and wave length can be adjusted by the length of secondary coil size. The battery zapper sends a 9-volt battery D.C. electrical charge into a condenser or capacitor that holds back a charge and releases it all at once to knock off the corrosion on "C" or "D" dry cell nickel cadmium batteries that can extend battery life for years or almost indefinitely 90% of the time.  This is a reiteration of what was said at the outset. Traditional Tesla Coil designs require antenna grounding, and probably the same with Torrid models, but this has not been tested. The incandescent bulbs or florescent tubes must be placed close to photo voltaic cells to absorb light to convert it to electricity.

Craig Zanotti

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