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Feature Articles: The Theory of Replicators and Teleportation Devices and Practical Science

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The Theory of Replicators and Teleportation Devices and Practical Science

A mathematician discusses ways to save the Earth

Replicators are the fundamental units of any process of natural selection and were first described by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. Replicators are any entities of which copies are made. The implications here are many, and include a  possible explanation for why aliens appear to be clones of each other and how knowledge of this technology could improve life on Earth.

STATE THE PROBLEM: The world today is over-crowed with exponential global human population growth and there are not enough resources to supply our needs. A global economy based upon competition rather than cooperation produces over-population growth and consumption of resources and pollution that is threatening the earth’s carrying capacity to support life.

We are running out of space with urban sprawl, landfills, and nuclear waste storage. We are poisoning our air, land, and water with toxins from factories and farming with petrochemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

Global warming produced from greenhouse gases such as petrochemical fuels is melting glaciers and the polar ice caps and a 25-foot rise in sea level is expected with flooding of many coastal cities. Massive amounts of ice sheets in our oceans is producing global destabilization like ice being put into a glass of water the warm water ocean currents like the gulf stream cool down and change weather patterns to anomalous conditions making agriculture less viable with droughts and flooding and temperature variability.

Some environmentalists predict that over 3 billion people will die within the next 10 to 20 years largely in the 3rd world from global destabilization that will produce food shortages, famine, and disease. Geneticists through genetic engineering are trying to combat and resolve this problem by designing crops that are resistant to droughts, flooding, extreme temperature variations, disease, and insects. (Star Date: 2/02/2003).

Below is the genuine Jesus pyramid unified field theory equation that produces life.

The unified field theory equation: 1.62 Pi X .999 Phi = 1.618 Delta.

Matter Energy Life

STATE THE SOLUTION: We need a clean free energy solution to pollution. This technology cannot be bought or sold it must be given freely to everyone on our planet. We need a free energy solution to pollution that will keep our environment safe and clean and free humanity from the depths of poverty with Gene Roddenberry’s 24th century Star Trek vision of replicators by providing enough food, fresh drinking water, sanitation, clothing and all material needs. In the 24th century of science fiction replicators provide the best possible solution to resolving this problem of supplying all of our material needs.

These replicators are possible based upon Einstein’s law of energy conservation equation E=mc2 which states that neither matter or energy is created nor destroyed but only changes form and are interconvertible. In both theory and fact however, these replicators based upon E=mc2 require enormous amounts of energy to operate. To operate these replicators it would require enormous amounts of energy from fusion reactors, matter/anti-matter reactors, and zero point energy reactors.

Orbital satellite solar voltaic platforms in high earth orbit and moon lunar orbital platforms are possible also and could produce electricity 24/7 and broadcast it back to earth with a microwave transmission laser beam to satellite receiving dishes. Fission reactors are also possible to supply enormous energy needs. All nuclear waste produced from fission reactors is recyclable into non-radioactive material with the transmutation of matter. For more information you can write John Sinclair at the address below. Please send $2.00 for a photocopy of the fission transmutation of matter report and enclose a SASE.

John Sinclair
Project Seaac #9
1119 N Poplar St.
Paris, TN 38242-3260

Although replicators are science fiction today, I think the potential to turn this theory into a fact could be done if treated with the same zeal as the Manhattan Project to build the A-bomb. Already similar imaging reducing machines called orthographic machines can reduce a statue of a bull down to the size of a human blood cell as reported in periodicals. If Congress, the IMF, World Bank, and Federal Reserve, as well as Russia, China, Japan and the EU contributed unlimited funding and coordinated scientific disciplines and our best minds to this project it may be achieved.

I believe electronics engineers, computer engineers, quantum physicists, mathematicians, and computer programmers working in this effort could produce the replicators within a decade or two, maybe less. The 24th century Star Trek replicators produce unlimited quantities of material needs including nutritious food and clean fresh drinking water and at the touch of a switch or sensor all sewage waste could be recycled back into energy providing clean sanitation. This means that energy is converted into matter and recycled and matter is converted back into energy in Einstein’s famous law of energy conservation formula E=mc2.

The crux of the problem as it has been said is that it takes enormous amounts of energy from classified energy reactor sources not yet available to the public to run these theoretical replicators. As you know Dr. Stephen Greer and nuclear physicist and ufologist Stanton Friedman, Linda Moulton Howe and others are advocating full-disclosure on the issue of all information and technologies related to UFO’s and extraterrestrial visitors that I call angels.

My belief is that perhaps we should try a different approach and just ask for partial disclosure instead of full-disclosure. I advocate either the declassification or shall I say the restricted access and release of all free-energy fusion, matter/anti-matter, and zero point energy reactors capable of powering the replicators for maximum security central utility power plant use or government operated utility plant facilities.

Solar orbital platforms could also laser beam microwave electrical energy back to earth to power replicators. Solar orbital satellite platforms would collect sunlight 24/7 and broadcast it back to earth ground dish relay stations. Orbital satellites are vulnerable to space debris, meteor showers, solar flares, and 11 year sun spot activity from the sun. So intermittent space shuttle repairs may be necessary in replacing solar voltaic panels and other damage. Solar cells are inexpensive these days according to Texas Instruments Corporation.

There are other sources of electrical power generation as well. According to US News & World Report, Texas Instruments announced they invented new solar photo voltaic cells in December 1991 and January 1992 that cost only one fifth as much as conventional solar voltaic cells. It used to cost $35 a pound for silicon to make the solar chips and now a new revolutionary process in designing them has cut costs to only $1.00 a pound for the silicon to make the solar voltaic cells which is quite a savings. This makes solar voltaic energy very affordable, feasible, and practical for everyone. If you acquire a State Sales Tax Wholesale License you could probably purchase Texas Instruments photo voltaic solar cells at wholesale prices and save money at half the costs at what it would ordinarily costs by purchasing them from a retailer.

Hydrogen is the most abundant fuel source in our universe. All stars are fusion nuclear reactors that burn hydrogen fuel. Reportedly, 90% or more of our universe is comprised of dark matter and within that 90% of our universe is comprised of hydrogen. Only 10% of the universe is comprised of all the other constitute elements found in the periodic table of elements. The earth’s surface itself is 71% water.

There is even more water held beneath the earth’s surface in ground water and aquifers. Water comes from two sources. It comes to earth as space debris as ice frozen on and within meteorites and asteroids that impart it into our atmosphere as vapor during the thermal layer entry burn off into our atmosphere before striking the earth and also from billions of years of cellular respiration of bacteria. Earth is a maritime planet of water.

Hydrogen fuel cells have been around at least since the Apollo space program of the 1960’s and all of them require a catalyst for a reaction and some use borax as a catalyst (See fuel cells Encarta Encyclopedia). Water is also known as H20. H20 is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. Hydrogen fuel cells separate the hydrogen from oxygen in water and burn off the hydrogen as a fuel. The hydrogen fuel from fuel cells can be burned in all combustion engines for transportation or hydrogen can be burned to heat water to produce steam to turn a turbine on a generator to produce electricity or thermal electric generators as well.

With global warming even more water is being released from the polar ice caps and glaciers as melt off. Some environmentalists estimate a 25-foot rise in sea level from the global warming melt off that will flood most coastal cities around the world. So we now have too much water. Venice, Italy and New Orleans, Louisiana are low lying areas that are extremely vulnerable to global warming flooding and may disappear.

We have too much water and yet the irony is that 97% of all the water on our planet is saltwater and only about 3% is fresh water and only about one tenth of 1% of that 3% of fresh water is pollution free clean safe drinking water. We could build more desalination plants and power them with hydrogen fuel cells and other alternative energy resources. But the best answer is build replicators that can produce all our material needs and stop pollution. Hydrogen fuel cells are just being brought out on the market in military vehicles and one or two experimental cars this year in 2003.

Wind power is cheaper than coal and is another source for abundant electricity. Many farmers are putting wind generators in their fields in Minnesota and selling the electricity back to utility companies. In some areas the wind blows almost 24/7. Wind and wind currents are generated from solar energy from the sun and some 12-volt D.C. wind generators can be purchased for typically $100 to $1000 and up. Sometimes high school electronic magazines are a better source for wind generators than the internet. So let the buyer beware! Shop around and get the best value. The components of a good quality wind charger should last 20 years without repair barring windstorm damage from high winds like tornadoes and straight line winds.

Residential replicators should be freely given and distributed to the public all over the world. Perhaps only a few thousand would need to be manufactured because maybe commercial size replicators could replicate everything including vehicles, boats, ships, trains, planes, homes, and of course other residential or commercial replicators. So if commercial replicators can produce other residential and commercial replicators then this would eliminate manufacturing altogether. Woe Boy!

Now two issues crop up. Massive unemployment and who will pay our taxes if few people are working? No need for farmers to grow food or genetically modified foods from corporations like Monsanto that patent and make billions of dollars annually from genetically engineered crops. No more grocery stores and packaging firms and many jobs lost there also. Few truckers would be needed in the trucking industry to deliver goods to the market place. No need for the coal and petroleum industry anymore not even to make plastics and latex contraceptives because the replicators can do that! No need for pharmaceutical drug companies since prescriptions can be replicated. Pharmaceutical companies would only be needed for research and development of new drugs. No restaurants just replicator drive-throughs or buildings with restaurant seating facilities. No banking and few securities investments because there is no money or monetary system.

In short, massive unemployment and reduced income tax revenues from loss of jobs. A complete paradigm shift in the way the world interacts and functions. A system based upon cooperation rather than competition. As Captain John Luke Picard said in the Star Trek movie First Contact, “there is no money in the 24th century and we work to better ourselves and to improve the condition of humanity.

Adam Smith the founder of modern economic theory wrote the book The Wealth of Nations, and he said that the only true cost in economics is opportunity costs. It’s all trade-offs! Smith cited the example that it took the same amount of time, energy, and effort to hunt one deer and skin it as it did to trap five beaver and skin them for their furs. This is an example of opportunity costs.

A global replicator economy paradigm shift would also produce trade-offs and benefits. There would be free energy. No reason to work for material needs or pay energy bills. More leisure time with family and friends. There would be unlimited production of nutritious food and fresh clean water without the risk of parasites and bacterial and viral disease. Clean sanitation by recycling all sewage waste fecal matter back into energy in our septic system. Free clothing and blankets. No more land fills by recycling all matter back to energy. No more red tides from sewage spawned discharge sources and fewer diseases like cholera from sewage spawned epidemics. No more hypoxia suffocating our fish from farm fertilizer run-off and harmful manufactured chemical spills and illegal dumping into our oceans. No more crop petrochemical fertilizers, crop herbicides, and crop pesticides in our soil, water, and air.

There would be less strife and stress and mental disorders caused by over-working and too much competitive responsibility. There would be less war and terrorism. Perhaps there would be nuclear disarmament. There would be more time for everyone to get more college education to better the condition of humanity. So massive unemployment would balance itself with trade-offs. Why work for material needs when all material needs are provided for you and you have free energy with no energy bills to pay? Free energy and free replicators would be provided to the entire world.

The service economy would continue to exist and expand or inflate. Medical practitioners, law practitioners, law enforcement, and judicial practitioners, legislators, teaching and education, road construction and repair, architectural design and building construction, engineering, auto repair, computer programming, entertainment industry, travel industry with ships, planes, and spacecraft. These professions and perhaps many more not mentioned here would provide most of the tax base as we would paradigm shift from an industrial economy into a total service economy industry in most instances capable of producing a sustainable earth policy and program.

The economic incentives for getting a good college education and working in these service economy professions would be earned credits or accumulated annuities for time sharing for vacations anywhere in the world in hotels, motels, or condominiums and resorts with travel packages for airlines, cruise line accommodations and tours. Access to free replicators would provide unlimited food and beverages and other material needs while on vacation so there would be no need to haul around a lot of luggage. You could simply replicate everything or nearly everything on site at your travel destination after you arrive.

A computer voice activated replicator would be provided in every hotel, motel, and resort guest room. You would also pay your taxes out of these earned credits or accumulated annuities for vacations and/or retirement perks such as medical attention and nursing home facilities should they be required. So a percentage of earned credits or accumulated annuities from a profession or career would go into vacation time sharing packages, a global medical treatment insurance program, and disability and nursing home care after retirement and income taxes.

There would be no more property taxes to support the public school system or other programs. All persons working for public education such as administrators, professors, teachers, school bus drivers, janitors, and maintenance personnel would receive annuities accredited to their accounts for gratuities in the vacation and entertainment industry and medical industry towards retirement nursing home facilities care or in home nursing care and income taxes. There would be a global health care system based upon the Merial Lynch model of prevention with regular medical checkups that prevents major catastrophic health care treatment and costs later on.

The average person would only have to work perhaps just 10 years to earn enough quarter hours to qualify for the global health care treatment program. The only exception would be if a person became disabled or too poor to pay for medical treatment such as surgery out of their accumulated credits or annuities if they have worked less than 10 years and don’t qualify for the global health care program.

So everyone would be working for their entertainment and vacations and global medical care and retirement nursing home care or in home nursing care and paying income taxes. There would be no money. The only true cost in economics is opportunity costs. This paradigm shift in global economics from competition and greed to cooperation and a service economy of a sustainable earth policy and program is essential to survival and prosperity with nuclear disarmament and global economic stability and security.

The feature of no property taxes means you cannot be taxed out of house and home even if property values go up and education is no longer funded by property taxes.  A global population management program that awards credits or annuities to women not to have children would enhance the sustainable earth policy and program to insure that the earth’s carrying capacity to support life would not be exceeded and preserve ecological systems. It would also compensate women with more electronic credits or annuities to be used for amenities.

After global population declines to under 2 billion people the global population management program could be reversed to increase global population by awarding credits or annuities to couples who marry early and have children. So this regulates global population growth with flexibility and continuity.

OTHER FACTS: Replicators and teleportation devices work on the same quantum theory principle as a fax machine transmission sending a copy through satellite telecommunications and then over a telephone service wire into an office or home (Source: Schrodinger’s Kittens And The Search For Reality by John Gribbin). Replicators may require less accuracy to duplicate material items based upon Einstein’s law of energy conservation equation E=mc2 than teleportation devices like Star Trek transportors. This is because the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle may not be as important of an issue in duplicating material items as it is in teleporting life forms. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle means that you can never know both the momentum and location of a subatomic particle around an atom as to its exact position. Obviously, this issue of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle may not be as important in duplicating material items with replicators.

Although it can be argued that all material items within the unified field are also alive and equal care should be given to them as well as not to take them out of their original atomic and subatomic pattern form or structure. But in teleporting life forms, it is very important for a quantum computer to know the exact location of every atom and every subatomic particle in every life form. So that the life form can be reassembled back into its original pattern that the life form occupant had after teleportation has been completed. Otherwise, the life form pattern of a teleportee may continue to degrade after each continuous successive future teleportation or transporter use.

To avoid this problem of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle during teleportation the 24th century Star Trek science fiction model uses Heisenberg Compensators on their transporter devices. This eliminates the uncertainty principle so that all atoms and subatomic particles can be reassembled perfectly in their original form when the transportation of a life form occupant is complete. They also use bio-filters on their transporter devices to remove bacterial and viral contamination and foreign substances like insects. These bio-filters would eliminate a situation like the science fiction movie The Fly where a human being’s atoms become infused with a fly and both the fly and the human share some of each other’s features and eventually both die a bizarre death! Bio-filters on all transporters eliminate this problem of infused atoms from other life forms.

A SOLUTION: To solve this Heisenberg Uncertainty problem for both replicators and transporters a method would have to be devised to find the position of every atom and subatomic particle in a life form prior to or during the teleportation of every life form. An object or life form would have to be scanned with something like a holographic laser scanner or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner that would produce a picture like an X-ray machine of the subatomic particle level. It would be able to use a triangulation method for locating the location or position of every atom and subatomic particle.

The theory is that since every atom and subatomic particle has its own atomic mass then it may also have a unique quantum signature. Therefore, it may emit a unique wavelength and frequency like a radio broadcast signal and can be triangulated in on and located similarly like finding the secret radio broadcast of a spy with the triangulation method of finding a radio broadcast signal. So the location of each atom and subatomic particle in a material object or life form could be isolated and located with this triangulation method by a quantum computer capable of making at least 1000 trillion squared calculations per nanosecond. So that’s 1000 trillion times 1000 trillion calculation per nanosecond. That’s a lot of computing power.

At first blush this would seem to be an impossible feat beyond our present technology. But quantum computer designs are already on the board and are expected to be designed and out on the market to the public within the next 30 years. But if the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second at which an object or life form is transported then how can a quantum computer make 1000 trillion squared calculations per nanosecond faster than light? Nothing can travel faster than the theoretical constant limit of light or so it has been said right? Prepare to yourself for a 5th dimension Twilight Zone experience. You just crossed over into the Twilight Zone!


Craig Zanotti

FASTER THAN LIGHT SOLUTIONS: A tacheon is a hypothetical subatomic particle that travels faster than light. Tacheon comes from a Greek word meaning swift one. It has been proven to exist mathematically. However, there as yet has been no scientific test or experiment to prove its existence as a verifiable subatomic particle and therefore cannot be confirmed nor denied. Anything traveling faster than light in 3rd and 4th dimensional space would travel backwards in time making time travel to the past a possibility also. As well as time travel correction of past events of injuries and accidental death or resurrection time travel.

Physicists and researchers are now puzzled in 1998 because they have noticed recently that some computer systems are now operating with efficiencies that are transmitting data faster than the speed of light that they thought was impossible. They so far have no logical explanation for this and are investigating further into the matter to confirm the curious anomaly with experiments and tests to determine whether faster than light efficiencies are possible.

This is typical academic thinking in my view. They are politically correct stooges. Many professors and physicists in universities cannot find their ass with both of their hands. Many of them have no imagination. Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge. Academia hasn’t listened to this message! They think there is no simple solution to anything and everything is complex and nebulas to them. They will probably request billions of dollars in research grants from our government and get it at taxpayers expense to study this phenomenon. I guess I am the stupid one because I should get a Ph.D. and defraud the taxpayers too with research grants for the study of something that has already been explained by Einstein’s law of energy conservation equation E=mc2 as I will explain.

Most people would be surprised to learn that when you get an earthquake on the Richter Scale of 10 it becomes squared and is actually 100. This Richter Scale disclosed fact can be found in the book Earth Scapes by William Marsh. The same is true of Einstein’s equation E=mc2 for the velocity of light. It is squared in the 5th dimension. So in the 5th dimension the velocity of light is 186,000 miles per second per second or 186,000 miles per second times 186,000 miles per second. Now run this velocity of light squared in the 5th dimension through a wormhole or Einstein Rosen Bridge in space and it goes even faster!

So when angels or ET phones home anywhere in the universe billions of light years away the message arrives almost instantaneously because of non-linear mathematics as do their spaceships and they can actually travel backwards in time if the energy is confined to 3rd and 4th dimensional space/time. This means the universe is alive with a non-local and non-linear universal mind that we call God in every atom and subatomic particle that contains information, knowledge, intelligence, and consciousness. The universe is expanding rapidly and some physicists believe accelerating faster than the speed of light with the Big Bang Theory.

And yet the universe can be accessed instantly everywhere. Light is not a constant throughout our universe. It is a yardstick that is relative and inadequate in many instances in measuring distance, space, time, mass, gravity, energy, order, and entropy interactions. Einstein realized that quantum theory and general relativity theory were flawed theories. That’s why Einstein spent the last 30 years of his life looking for a unified field theory equation that would explain all interactions of matter, energy, mass, gravity, space, time, distance, order, and entropy.

General Relativity breaks-down on the cosmological scale in black holes where not even light can escape once passing over the event horizon and its velocity goes to zero. In quantum physics logic breaks-down on the sub-microscopic scale with the theory of reductionism. The velocity of light at 186,000 miles per second or 300,000 kilometers per second is measured in the 3rd and 4th dimensions of space/time or more accurately space/entropy that produces 4th dimensional time. Time doesn’t really exist. Only eternity exists in 5th dimensional space.

People get confused about the velocity of light because they mistakenly measure it in 3rd and 4th dimensional terms only. For example, the time it takes sunlight to reach the earth is about eight minutes and our sun is on average 93 million miles away. Then the speed of light is calculated to be 186,000 miles per second based on this information and other experiments for 3rd and 4th dimensional space/entropy-time from the distance traveled from our sun to earth. Now computers are being experimented with using fiber optics and new electronic materials and many physicists don’t understand how information data is moving at velocities faster than light?

Obviously, somehow the data is moving through 5th dimensional space of eternity and infinite mass/speed correlation of light. Electrons have mass photons don’t. But electrons and photons both are a conveyance for data in 5th dimensional hyperspace and double for each other in electron shells. Here the velocity of light is not only squared but may also be wormhole accelerated to perhaps even infinite velocity. Infinity is incomprehensible and non-conceptualizable. It cannot be quantified only given a horizontal figure eight symbol. With this information as a backdrop, then perhaps now you can see why it is possible for a quantum computer to be capable of making an arbitrary 1000 trillion squared calculations per nanosecond with E=mc2 in the 5th dimension. And it may be able to triangulate in on every atom and subatomic particle eliminating the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

Thus, finding its location and retaining a quantum signature recognition pattern of a transporter occupant and then beam that occupant to a specified location. The occupant travels at the speed of light 186,000 miles per second in 3-D and 4-D and during teleportation a quantum computer operating at the speed of light squared scans a teleportee. It identifies every atom and subatomic particle in the life form making 1000 trillion squared calculations per nanosecond.

The quantum computer is operating many times faster than the speed of light in the 5th dimension. The quantum computer eliminates the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle with the Heisenberg compensators or triangulation method and stores an exact pattern of the transportee so that when the person re-materializes after transport they are restored to their original pattern and quantum signature. This is the general theory of replicators and teleportation devices in quantum theory and the law of energy conservation E=mc2. Particle “A” affects particle “B” at a distance instantaneously with Entanglement.

As Rod Serling on the Twilight Zone has put it, “You’re traveling through another dimension. There is a fifth dimension. A dimension of sight and sound. A dimension of mind. A dimension of things and ideas. A dimension of light and shadow and substance. At the sign post up ahead. Your next stop! You just crossed over into the Twilight Zone!” Understanding the true nature of the equation E=mc2 and the velocity of light in the 5th dimension and not as it is taught at universities is a Twilight Zone moment for you. These scientists trained at universities just cannot figure out how computers are now transmitting data at faster than light velocity. Da! Most don’t understand the properties of the law of energy conservation equation E=mc2. But they think they do! Just as 20th century holistic quantum theory refutes Darwin’s Theory of Evolution as an obsolete 19th century science and world view academe is slow to realize the full potential of E=mc2.

As the Bible says, “professing to be wise they became fools. The Bible also says, my people perish for lack of knowledge. If you want to learn about mathematics and physics then learn it directly from the source of geniuses who taught it and not academia. If you want to learn what not to do and appear smart but think and act stupid in most instances with political correctness then go to college. They love to brainwash you there! If fact, political dissident groups in the United States have been critical of academia for years and have stated that public schools and universities are little more than politically correct government brainwashing institutions of indoctrination and not education. Run of course by corporations. I agree! We have only to look at Enron and World Com to know that corporations through their lobbyists can buy influence with our legislators and can change laws to suit themselves rather than the interests of the public. It’s the diversity of thought that makes us stronger! That is the strength of democracy. Understand that today there is no such thing as science because science is nothing more than politics and business as usual as I have found out!

Environmental activist John Sinclair reported that over 5,000 patents are blocked every year by the US Government alone because they have been classified as a national security issue. Some patents may have military applications and others may be alternative energy resources that US corporations don’t want made available to the public. The corporations are the government and We The People need to take the power away from the hands of corporations and their federally funded universities and institutions and put it back into the hands of the American Public and God will Bless America again! Martin Luther King said, "I have a dream." All things begin with ideas and dreams.

PRACTICAL SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY THAT CAN CHANGE THE WORLD: In the movie The Phenomenon with John Travolta there is a song at the end of the movie that became the theme song of the movie and is played on the radio. It goes like this. “If I could change the world. You would think my love was really something good, if I could change the world!” I am an extraterrestrial contactee or angel contactee like many others and I can change the world.

But my research is being blocked also by politically correct academia and interference from authorities that are run by amoral corporations whose only interest is profit and greed and political and economic control for the love of money which the Bible says is the root of all evil. “Know the truth and the truth shall make you free” – John 8:32. The musician John Lennon put out a song that was thought provoking and was the truth. The lyrics went something like this: “I tell you there are no problems only solutions. Then people look at me as if I lost my mind. I am just sitting here watching the wheels go around and around. I really love to watch them roll. No longer riding on the merry-go-round. I just had to let it go!

I will cite one or two examples of where practical science can resolve a problem but politics and business won’t allow it. For years researchers in Africa and elsewhere have been trying to solve the problem of drinking water contamination in rivers from a parasite worm whose larva or eggs are ingested internally in a human host and eventually the infected host develops a crippling disease called elephantiasis. Former President Jimmy Carter was involved in trying to resolve this problem with a number of foundations supporting this project and effort. They have had little success in controlling these and other water borne vectors and parasites like cryptosperidium from sewage discharges and cholera and typhoid fever.

In a newspaper article between 1990 to 1991 The Oakland Press of Pontiac, Michigan reported a swimming pool manufacturer or distributor who was selling ultra-violet light boxes to cleanse pool water from all microorganisms of parasites, bacteria, and viruses. The pool water is circulated through the ultra-violet light box to cleanse pool water as an alternative to ozone or chlorine. Of course, boiled water does the same thing too but is not practical for pools. As you know our earth’s protective ozone layer screens out ultra-violet radiation from our sun. Without our ozone layer to protect us then all life on our planet would be extinguished quickly.

So from this fact we know that with the right intensity and exposure time ultra-violet light boxes can sterilize water or kill all microorganisms in it. Why couldn’t this technology be applied to sterilizing fresh drinking water in Africa to make it safe from parasites? Da! The science permits it but the politics and business of the day won’t allow it to be offered as a solution. Why? Because the world is paying millions or billions of dollars in charitable donations, research grants, and taxes to solve this problem to medical researchers, geneticists, petroleum pesticide interests, and pharmaceutical companies rather than trying to solve or control the problem with a simple solution like ultra-violet light boxes. It’s corrupt because there is too much money involved. It’s usually the same players every time too! Powerful special interest lobby groups for the American Medical Association, pharmaceutical companies, HMO’s or medical insurance companies block a national or global health care system plans as well.

It is a scandal. But for those who think that ultraviolet light box technology to cleanse micro-organisms such as parasites, bacteria, and viruses wasn’t available until the 1990’s then think again. This technology has been around since at least the 1960’s. Ultra-violet light boxes can be found in just about every public high school science lab across America as they have been used for decades to cleanse goggles of bacteria with a timer device on its cabinet box hung on a wall. Ask any high school science teacher and they will tell you this is true. So there is no excuse for not being able to cleanse fresh drinking water of parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Jimmy Carter is not stupid! He knows this, too!

But Jimmy Carter has been stopped by the politically correct corporate shadow government also. A television program called Alias on Sundays echoes this message also, but unfortunately, it is not as much entertaining as it is probably historically true. Environmentalists have found it very difficult to hold officers of corporations to any degree of accountability for years with the shredding documents and retaliating with civil slap suits against activists to drain our financial resources in court battles. For example, diamonds are a relatively common stone whose only real value is for industrial applications. But multi-national corporations like the Debeers have a monopoly on most of the world’s diamond supplies making them rare by controlling access to the supply and raising the price while causing most of the historical problems of poverty and exploitation for African peoples. (See: the book Who Owns The Earth by James Ridgeway).

Today over 3 billion people suffer from parasites in drinking water and food in 3rd World Countries. It is little wonder then why foreigners hate the oppressive United States corporate shadow government blocking environmental technology to 3rd world countries as they did with rejection of the sale of alternative energy resources at the August, 2002 Johannesburg, South Africa Environmental Summit. Ultra-violet light boxes to cleanse all microorganisms in water can be operated on inexpensive Texas Instruments Corporation solar voltaic cells with an inverter that converts D.C. electric current to A.C. electric current. Inverters typically cost $500 and up.

But it may be possible to run ultra-violet light boxes off D.C. current without the necessity for a costly inverter. Of course, solar voltaic cells cannot operate at night unless they have stored electricity in batteries or a 12-volt wind generator system is also on the power grid supplying electricity 24/7 as long as the wind blows. But here is another piece of remarkable information that most of the public is unaware of.

You can run ultra-violet light boxes on rechargeable dry cell batteries purchased at any department store in sizes AA, C, or D. And most importantly, you can also purchase the plans from high school electronic magazines to build a dry cell battery zapper. The dry cell battery zapper is an electronic device that uses a condenser or capacitor that builds up a charge and releases it all at once using a 9-volt dry cell battery and zaps old worn out dry cell batteries with an electrical charge. This knocks the corrosion off the old worn out dry cell batteries restoring them to their original strength and storage capacity like brand new 90% of the time in most cases. This is a little known fact and secret!

With the dry cell battery zapper the life of nickel cadmium common household rechargeable dry cell batteries can last for many more years of battery life or almost indefinitely. This makes ultra-violet light boxes very inexpensive to operate if you combine all of this technology in this paragraph. In terms of eliminating suffering and disease like elephantiasis, cholera, typhoid fever, and cryptosperidium from sewage discharges into our water ways this combined technology is priceless in saving human lives and lowering medical costs.

By lowering medical costs it makes a national or global healthcare system more affordable for all human inhabitants on planet earth. Can we continue to ignore the technology that we already have available to resolve many of the problems of humanity? I have found better environmental electronic gadgets and wind charger systems and relevant information in high school electronic magazines than on the internet. The internet is a wasteland in most cases. The real solutions are elsewhere in most instances and the key to gathering intelligence information is knowing where to look for the right components of scientific information and technology with the right sources of information! The prices of wind chargers are often less expensive in high school science electronic magazines. Bear that in mind!

Gather intelligence and become an informed citizen to help humanitarian environmental causes. The Readers Guide To Periodicals at university libraries is also a good source to cross reference information by the name of a topic. Write your Congressman with these facts. Write foreign African Government embassies with these facts and reports. If enough people get involved then perhaps we can make an impact!

Ultra-violet light boxes only sterilize or neutralize all microorganisms in fresh drinking water. Thus, reducing disease and costly medical treatment. They do not purify fresh water from sewage fecal matter particulates. In order to do this it requires further refinements with charcoal filter systems and sand and gravel filter systems. The price and effectiveness of water purification filter systems varies widely so let the buyer beware! Often an inexpensive filter system can do about as good of a job as a costly filter water purification system.

Again, shop around for value. I cannot stress this point enough! If you want to know more about inexpensive and effective water filter purification systems then write to environmental activist John Sinclair whose address appears in this report and send him $2.00 for photocopies of these requested reports and a SASE to cover postage and handling. To completely purify fresh drinking water requires ultra-violet light boxes combined with inexpensive water filter purification systems. Combining all of this technology together is what is very important for success with this project of lowering medical treatment costs so that perhaps a national or global healthcare system can be made affordable for all citizens of earth.

Remember, desalination plants and water treatment plants can integrate and utilize all of this technology also in upgrading their capabilities. The ultra violet light boxes can be wired and strung in a series of dozens or more to increase effectiveness. So please send this report to your Congressman and Senator immediately for the sake of humanity. The life you save could be your own by reducing terrorism caused by hopelessness and disparity from some person who might otherwise be recruited by Osama Bin Ladin’s Alqueda terrorist network in the 3rd World. A person who has nothing to lose will often turn to violence and destruction as a martyr. So turn off the sports and television and make this effort of making additional photocopies and sending this report to your legislators and always remember that it is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness! Praise the Lord! Amen! Recommended books to read:

The Bible - by God!

Einstein’s Dream - The Search For A Theory Of Everything by Barry Parker.

In Search Of Schrodinger’s Cat by John Gribbin.

The Cosmic Code – Heiz Pagels.

Schrodinger’s Kittens And The Search For Reality by John Gribbin.

The Joy of Mathematics by Theoni Pappas.

The Elliott Wave Principle by Alfred Frost and Robert Prechter – P.O. Box 1618 Gainesville, GA 30503

Tesla - Man Out Of Time by Margret Chenny.

Stephen Hawking - Quest For A Theory Of Everything.

Black Holes, Baby Universes, And Other Essays – by Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking’s Universe.

Fibonacci Rhythm Theory by The American Classical College Press of Albuquerque, N.M.

Chaos by James Gleick.

A Brief History of Time - a video by Stephen Hawking.

The Private Thoughts Of A Public Genius – a video with Albert Einstein.

The Shape Of Things a video by Nova Public Broadcasting.

The Strange Science of Chaos a video by Nova Public Broadcasting.

The World As I See It by Albert Einstein.

The Foundations Of Einstein’s Theory of Gravitation – by Erwin Freudlich.

Pyramid Power by Max Toth and Greg Nielsen.

The New Physics of Healing an audio cassette tape by Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Entangled in Weirdness by Amir Aczel. Article appeared in Popular Science Magazine December 2002. (Entanglement was proven in the 1970’s in laboratories that faster than light particles occurred at a distance instantaneously where signals were blocked).

Cancer Cures:

The Cure For All Cancers by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D.,N.D. ISBN 0-96,36328-2-5

Essiac Tea Ojibway Herbal Indian Remedy book on Internet and found at local health food stores.

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Craig Zanotti

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