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Feature Articles: How Aliens Travel Great Distances Through Space

Feature Articles: Alien Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, Conspiracies, Roswell, UFOs

How Aliens Travel Great Distances Through Space

I found myself in the early morning hour of 5:45 a.m. on March 1, 2005 standing in front of the north living room window facing the backyard bathed in the half dark, half light period of early morning dawn. There was no snow outside and the lawn and trees were still the browns and grays of winter. The vividness was so real as I looked at the spot where my neighbor and her dog had seen the 10’ luminescent UFO sphere zoom out of the midnight sky on October 6, 1997 and hover outside the house. The extraterrestrial visit left a residual energy field in the backyard that tickled the hair on my arms whenever I stood in the center of the landing spot, and it also registered a much higher electromagnetic field (EMF) than anywhere else in the yard.

The alien voice speaking to me was crystal clear. In fact, my mind was mesmerized by the ultra crispness of the words being spoken into my head. I knew the male voice was coming from faraway, and in a direction northwest of our own Milky Way Galaxy, whatever northwest meant across such vast distances. As I looked out the window, I knew he had positioned me intentionally at the window overlooking his species’ previous landing spot in my backyard. The voice wanted me to understand how aliens travel to earth from such vast distances across space.

I was also aware of how often aliens told abductees they could not understand how space travel works because there is no science to explain it on Earth. I was very excited to finally be receiving the answer to one of my very favorite questions – namely, how aliens travel such great distances through the universe to get to Earth.

The alien voice wanted me to understand that very advanced alien civilizations like his, were not actually visiting Earth from the future as many abductees had been told by different alien species. But because their civilizations have been in existence many millions of years longer than people on Earth, it only seems like they are coming from the future because they are so technologically advanced.

The voice prompted me to recall the ABC News special with Peter Jennings on UFOs on February 24, 2005 called “Seeing Is Believing.” The alien voice reminded me of Dr. Michio Kaku's demonstration of pulling the two opposite corners of a napkin together to show instant travel across space through a “wormhole” was not quite accurate. This remark surprised me because I had previously seen Dr. Kaku explain space travel using a napkin with opposing corners pressed together, and believed it to be an accurate model.

The alien voice explained that wormholes do not actually exist in space because wormholes are physical. He said “wormhole” was a good word for people to comprehend because it described the process, which in reality he emphasized, was not physical.

The alien voice explained that actual travel from such far distances was accomplished instantaneously from their “front door” to my “front door.” The voice showed me a linen napkin which represented the distance across space, but this time, the places where Dr. Kaku had pinched the two corners together to show instant travel, now contained two small circles where fabric had been cutout, one under each finger.


Feature Articles: Aliens, Cattle Mutilations, Conspiracies, Roswell, UFOs

There was also a miniature 3-dimensional doorway standing over each circle representing the starting and ending points of travel on the white napkin. The napkin corners with the doorways were then pulled together with the two circles or empty space touching, so the fingers from each corner were now touching each other, skin to skin, with no fabric in between them. The alien voice explained the cutout circles represented the “front door” travel, from their “front door” to mine for example, which did not involve them physically traveling through space to reach me.

The alien voice emphasized that space travel across galaxies, was not based on distance, but rather on time. He repeated this statement numerous times in different ways for my benefit so I would not forget it. He said, a trip to Earth or any distant place, was not computed by its distance, but rather by the time it took to get from one point to another. Time was relative and could be speeded up or slowed down.

He further elaborated the wormhole concept is not accurate because wormholes are a physical description for a non-physical process. Advanced alien civilizations travel to Earth by changing the speed of time. They travel to distant locations without passing through any physical space. This was the concept the voice said abductees or people on Earth could not grasp.

Remembering the napkin example with the cutout holes and the skin of the fingers actually touching, the aliens travel to Earth from their doorway to ours by changing the speed of time. Their ability to travel large distances across the universe, is not based on distance, but rather on time. Travel is measured by time, not by distance. Thus, it is almost instantaneous.

Upon seeing this visualization of how aliens travel to earth, I was so excited that I began jumping up and down exclaiming, “That’s it! That‘s it!” because I understood the space travel concept at last. Then I blinked and was stunned to find myself in bed just seconds before the alarm rang at 6 a.m.

The gap that has plagued me repeatedly is, how did I know the starting time was 5:45 a.m. when there is no clock in the living room? Then the answer occurred to me as I was driving to work. I have such a clear picture of seeing the clock on the nightstand next to the bed at 5:45 a.m. and I know the experience at the living room window began at that time and ended a couple of minutes before 6:00 a.m., when the alarm would have rung. Therefore, I must have seen the clock just seconds prior to be being instantly transported downstairs to the living room window.

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