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Feature Articles: The Truth About Aliens, Ghosts, Chakras, and Religion

Feature Articles: Alien Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, Conspiracies, Roswell, UFOs

The Truth About Aliens, Ghosts, Chakras, and Religion

Introduction: AAER Reader Joe Link believes he has been in contact with a special alien life form that chooses to remain unknown to many other species, including a reptilian species which he says has controlled and manipulated planet Earth for their own purposes. This alien contact has given Joe certain insights he would like to share with AAER readers. In this article, Joe explores the connection to aliens, ghosts, chakras and religion.

The universe is filled with life. Our image of the truth is limited to what other people say or want you to believe is the truth. Any wandering outside this cube, this box, this matrix, is considered crazy, loony, insane, but you know as well as I do, that this is not true. Otherwise, you would not be reading this article right now.

Example number one: Although the best proof that life exists on other planets stares at you every time you look in the mirror, there are a large percentage of people who still believe that “aliens” are science fiction and do not exist.

They would rather believe in “God” because somebody else said they had to believe that. I think this is funny. First of all, that person was convinced that the evolution of a life form on a planet was impossible. Of course, this does not explain how we got here.

Second of all, they were persuaded to believe in something which they knew nothing about, and for all they knew, they could have been conditioned to believe in something that they were also convinced not to believe in. For example, the ancient word "God" means "those who came from the sky" (hint! hint!).

Ghosts (or spirits) are real. They are a duplicated, self thinking, very much alive, copy of the human “brow” chakra. This chakra is a duplicate copy of a person’s central nervous system. Around it is called the “halo.” The “halo” is the field of energy which pulls in and supplies the brow chakra with the energy which is necessary for it to exist (like feeding).

The "crown chakra" is a cone shaped field of energy which allows “sight” of objects and energy fields which it comes in contact with. When you remote view, or astral travel, or "fly" out of body, you are really not out of body.


Chakra Balancing Kit: A Guide to Healing and Awakening Your Energy Body

Chakra Balancing Kit: A Guide to Healing and Awakening Your Energy Body

What happens is, your "brow" chakra, along with the “halo” and ”crown,” duplicates and travels in mid air. In order to communicate between the two "brow" chakras, your body’s aura naturally forms a gigantic spinning vortex. Near the root chakra, the vortex is larger.

Imagine a person inside a cone where the smallest part is above your head, and is attached to a “rope.” This “rope” is also called the “cord” and is the communication link between both “brow” chakras.

Sometimes when a person dies, this brow chakra has been duplicated and separated. It is as simple as that. Now this “ghost” or self sustaining brow chakra, can actually replace that of a newborn. This happens because (I think) the two energy vibration fields are identical (kind of like a print).

Normally, the brow chakra is supposed to be identical to the brain, but occasionally when this "reincarnation" occurs, this is not the case. When that person accesses their "subconscious," they can sometimes access that phantom memory. Like fingerprints, identical personal vibration is rare. In fact it can only occur every few hundred or thousand years. But given the numbers of people who exist, it is likely to happen.

Heaven Becomes Hell (1-Sheet), Framed Movie Print

Heaven Becomes Hell (1-Sheet), Framed Movie Print

The confusion happens when people associate "spirits" or "ghosts" with heaven and hell. Heaven and hell do not exist. By associating the two, a normal person might find it hard to believe that one can exist without the other, or that since one exists, the other must exist also. That’s how flawed our physics are on these types of events.

Joe Link

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