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Feature Articles: UFOs at Area 51

Feature Articles: Alien Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, Conspiracies, Roswell, UFOs

UFOs at Area 51

Re "No Laughing Matter," editorial, Jan. 31, 1998: Groom Dry Lake Air Force Station, popularly known as Area 51, indeed exists as an above-top-secret exotic-technology research and development facility, operated by the Department of Naval Intelligence. The Bee correctly criticized the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for upholding an executive order exempting Area 51 from environmental laws.

But The Bee's characterization of reports of UFOs and extraterrestrials at Area 51 as "ridiculou rumors" is absolutely false. As a published researcher into extraterrestrial matters, I can assure you that ample evidence exists. At my suggestion ABC television news of Las Vegas went to the entrace to Area 51 in December 1992 and filmed a UFO flying out from the fase. That footage was shown on the then-ABC affiliate station in Sacramento, KOVR. And I have personally witnessed antigravity craft flown at Area 51.


Feature Articles: Aliens, Cattle Mutilations, Conspiracies, Roswell, UFOs

Furthermore, Michael Wolf. M.D., Ph.D. of the National Security Council's classified MJ-12 sub-committee has described in his book, "Catchers of Heaven" working at Area 51 side by side with an extraterrestrial.

The Bee itself owes it to its readers to stop mislabeling documented facts about UFOs and ETs at Area 51 as "ridiculous." As repeated public opinion polls show, it is the government's UFO cover-up that is ridiculous.

By Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Sacramento, California

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