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Feature Articles: Budd Hopkins Interviewed on Sightings Radio Show

Feature Articles: Alien Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, Conspiracies, Roswell, UFOs

Budd Hopkins Interviewed on Sightings Radio Show

The following segment is transcribed from the July 3rd 1998 edition of Jeff Rense's 'Sightings' radio show, in which Budd Hopkins was interviewed, via phone, from Roswell, New Mexico.

BH: ..... I wanted to talk about some recent cases that I've I've just begun to look into and these have been investigated very thoroughly. What they would indicate is that the UFO occupants have been getting even a little sloppier. Unless they're deliberately wanting us to see things.

JR: "Sloppier....."

BH: In the case that you mentioned earlier, the 'Witness' case, we felt that the fact that people saw the abduction taking place seemed to be a deliberate act on the part of the UFO occupants.

JR: I remember you making that point....

BH: That seems to be the case. But now I've got several cases where we have witnesses who, at least part of the abduction, who seem to have just seen it by accident. As if the aliens aren't turning on the machine/box/memory or insight or whatever.

Just as an example; a woman was with her boyfriend in their apartment Queens [New York] and she woke up in the middle of the night (she remembered this the next morning) and saw people standing on the roof. She saw these grey legs and immediately the thought went into her mind, probably from the outside, not to worry, even though it was three o'clock in the morning, it must be people cleaning the leaves out of the gutter on the roof.

JR: Yes, of course.....

BH: So, she doesn't remember much more except that she seemed to be very frightened when she woke up, as if certain other things had happened she wasn't clear about. The long and short of this is that a couple of weeks later the man who lived across the street, a retired science teacher, said to her that he wanted to know what she and her friends were doing out on the roof at three in the morning.

We know from looking into this more thoroughly, in terms of the young man she was with and his recollections and hypnotic regressions and so forth, that she was abducted. Here we have an independent witness, unconnected with anybody, who saw the aliens on the roof. I haven't had a chance to interview him yet, but this is his story.

I have a similar case now in Ohio, Baria, [sp?] Ohio, where the woman who woke up in the morning feeling that something had happened to her the night before - very dim memories - went outside and the next door neighbour said "What were all those lights over your house last night? Who were those people in uniform in the back were they police or what were they?" And of course there were no police and there was no explanation for the lights. But, the neighbour was quite agitated about this.


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So, I have yet a third case near Altoona, Pennsylvania, that's also quite similar, I don't really have time to go into it, but I'm pointing these cases out to suggest there's a sort of momentum to this. And the formally very covert style of operation of the UFO occupants seems to be moving very slowly to a sort of 'devil may care' carelessness.

JR: Ah, this is very interesting - this is a very, very strange trend, to say the least.....

BH: It is and I think it is a trend. I think that that's the correct word that you just used. There is something that seems to be happening more and more often, where mistakes are made and it's getting sloppier and perhaps.....

JR: If their protocols are breaking down Budd, what.....we can only speculate, but it brings to mind right away the concept that maybe they have done most of what they need done, and the big change is about to happen and things are getting lax.

BH: That's a very valid interpretation. We really don't know what to make, in an absolute way, of this. You know, very often during interviews like this, I'm asked questions that make me wish that we only had an alien here to answer them instead of me.

JR: Sure.

BH: But I do feel that it does constitute a trend. There are so many people here now who seem to be remembering more of their experiences as they happened, as if the enforced amnesia isn't as frequently enforced as it used to be or as successfully enforced.

So, I don't know what this means, but it's rather portentous I think.

JR: Yeah, I would be interested to hear..... have you discussed this with David Jacobs?

BH: Yeah. Well he's getting the same kind of thing. I think that it's.....

JR: Oh Really!?

BH: .....generally being noted by other researchers in the field. It just isn't something that's coming my way.

JR: You know, now that you mention it gels over here on this end..... because I've heard that now fit that bill and I didn't even stop to think that it might be something that might be unique, but there are more graphic remembrances. Bizarre multiple-witnesses to things that we wouldn't have heard about a couple of years ago.....

BH: Right.

JR: Very interesting!

July 5, 1998

* * *

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