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Feature Articles: Flashlight and Saturn UFOs Reported

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Flashlight and Saturn UFOs Reported

On July 3, 1998, around 3 PM EST, a 14 year old boy had a sighting of a "flashlight UFO" at Blue Lake Fine Arts Music Camp in Twin Lake, ten miles east of Lake Michigan. The boy was in an outdoor pavilion rehearsing on the violin with other orchestra students when he looked up. He saw a strange object that resembled a "metal gray flashlight with a nose bigger than the back end." He could see no windows or lights on it. It was flying in a "straight horizontal line" west towards Lake Michigan. The object was at a high altitude, and at arm's length was as big as his index finger. He saw it for ten seconds before it flew into a very large cloud. When asked if he pointed out the object to any of the others in the orchestra he replied, "No, because the teacher would've said I was disturbing the rehearsal."

Flashlight UFO

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On Friday July 10, 1998 at 3:49 pm EST, a woman driving north on US-127 near Leslie, Michigan (15 miles south of Lansing) noticed "the glint of a silvery object" near a small cumulous cloud. She described the object as the size of a Cessna-type aircraft, but "perfectly round like a steel BB." She further noticed "a shiny band around the middle" of the object. The object seemed to "slide up against the edge of the cumulous cloud, rolled down so that the top reflected a shine and then it rolled up so that the bottom then reflected the shine." She noted that the "shiny band" stayed in the middle of the object which enabled her to determine which side that the reflection came off of. She noted that the object then "slid/flew into the edge" of the cloud from which it never reappeared. This style UFO is also known as a "Saturn" because of its center ring.

Saturn UFO

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