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Feature Articles: Dorothy Izatt Alien Video

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Dorothy Izatt Alien Video

On the May 8, 1998 and July 16, 1998 edition of Hard Copy featured a UFO story with a sensational shot of aliens looking out window of the craft. The footage was first aired nation wide on Strange Universe on November 24, 1997. The footage was apparently shot on a Super 8 film camera by Dorothy Izatt. Dorothy claims to have been in contact with the aliens for over 25 years.

She shot several hundred rolls of Super 8 film of UFOs. Her previous film footage has never been explained. Her most remarkable piece of footage is of what shows a Grey looking out the window. During this recent sighting Dorothy started filming a diamond shaped UFO and asked if the aliens could come closer, and they did. She could see a couple of Grey aliens looking out a window of the space ship. She asked them if they could turn their bright lights off so she could film them, and they did. The light turns off in a bizarre flash. Then a small square window appears and a classic Grey alien figure is clearly seen and appears to turn its head. At least one of the aliens looks out the window. He has a very long thin neck, a bulbous head with oversized black eyes.


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The alien appears have be clothed in a white cloth like gown. Another Grey is seen about five feet behind the Grey in the front, and there might be a third Grey to the right partly behind the window. Also seen on the footage is a strobe light above the this window. Could this be a hoax? Not so according to UFO Researchers Peter Guttila and Monica Ward. They have studied this film and other films by Dorothy Izatt. The investigators plan to write a book about these sightings. If this video is authentic we can conclude that some UFOs are alien space craft unless you think the government is flying around in UFOs with Grey costumes.

Dorothy Izatt Alien Video

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