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Feature Articles: Rosie O'Donnell Claims Alien Ear Implant

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Rosie O'Donnell Claims Alien Ear Implant

A courageous Rosie O'Donnell admits that she firmly believes in space aliens and close encounters -- and she wonders if a spot behind her ear is an alien implant!

In a CBS TV show which aired on July 20, 1998 -- the Emmy Award-winning talk show hostess chats with author and alien encounter expert Whitley Strieber, who believes extraterrestrials implanted an object in his ear.

Rosie told The ENQUIRER: "Extraterrestrial life is something we should all be curious about."

Strieber -- author of the best-selling "Communion" and the new book "Confirmation" -- told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview: "Rosie told me she believes space aliens are real.

"And she believes our experiences with aliens are something that should be taken seriously.

"A celebrity of Rosie's stature willing to declare herself on behalf of the close encounter witness is just wonderful.

"After reading 'Confirmation,' Rosie contacted me and invited me on her show to discuss aliens. She takes this subject very seriously and was willing to go on record saying that she did.

"While Rosie told me she has no memory of an encounter, she did talk about implants -- and she pointed to a place right behind her right ear and said if she had gotten an implant that would be the spot.

"She turned for me to look at it. It was visible. It was a gray area centered on a gray dot on the side of her head behind her right ear."

Strieber said he didn't want to put words into Rosie's mouth or reveal all the details about what she says on her show, but he believes the spot behind her ear is worth looking into.

"I didn't examine the spot. It would have to be examined by a doctor," he said. "But anyone could see it."

Then during a commercial break, an audience member disclosed, the popular hostess turned to her audience, touched her ear and did say, "I really think I could have one of those implants."

Said Strieber: "Rosie's interest in encounters is high enough that even if she doesn't have the memory of an encounter, it's very possible she had one. An ultrahigh level of interest with no apparent knowledge of anything ever happening always suggests the possibility that there may be something Rosie doesn't remember."


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Strieber said the full revelations Rosie will make on the show "will be a moment never to be forgotten.

"When we were together, I felt the same bond that is often so strong with other close encounter witnesses. She is just like the rest of us, full of questions that really need to be answered."

While Strieber said Rosie told him she couldn't remember an alien encounter, a friend said the star has wondered in private if she did have an encounter of her own.

"She was very interested in talking about one of the encounters Strieber writes about -- when two aliens came into his bedroom at night," the friend revealed.

"He was awake and clearly saw them, but he was too paralyzed to cry out."

"Rosie suspects she may have had a similar experience with aliens. She can't remember the details, but she has a vague sense that something happened. She's very excited that Strieber described his experience. She couldn't wait to have him on the show."

Rosie even shocked her TV audience during a commercial break after Strieber described how aliens came into his bedroom at night, the audience member said.

"Rosie said, 'That's happened to me!' "

It wasn't the first time Rosie has talked openly on TV about her belief in aliens. Last year when Dan Aykroyd appeared on her show, she told him: "You and I, we believe in this so we're not wacko. We totally believe in this stuff."

The friend added: "Rosie has been intrigued by UFOs all of her life. She has a huge library of books on the subject. She watches 'The X-Files' religiously.

"She thinks space aliens are trying to get a message through to us."

AAER Note: Unfortunately for TV viewers, this open discussion between Rosie O'Donnell and Whitley Strieber pertaining to her having an alien implant was edited out prior to air-time. What TV viewers witnessed instead was a rather mundane conversation between a nervous Whitley Strieber and a defensive Rosie O'Donnell.

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