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Feature Articles: MJ-12 Documents Released on Internet

Feature Articles: Alien Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, Conspiracies, Roswell, UFOs

MJ-12 Documents Released on Internet

Joseph P. Firmage, a brilliant Silicon Valley entrepreneur who, at age 28, has already built two multi-million dollar companies, stepped down in early January from his post as Chief Strategist at USWeb Corporation in order to devote his full attention to the question of human contact with other intelligent life in the universe.

Firmage, who co-founded USWeb in 1995 and served as its Chairman and CEO until November, 1998, was increasingly at odds with corporate colleagues who saw his outspoken interest in the UFO subject as possibly detrimental to the fast-growing company. Firmage said he did not want to burden USWeb with a "credibility deficit." But he also told reporters he now sees a higher calling for himself than worrying about corporate profits.

Firmage has spelled out his views concerning the influence of extraterrestrial visitors in human history (he regards ETs mainly as "teachers," and says we have reached a time when our teachers of old want to make contact again) in a massive online "book" called "The Truth" posted at his website.

Stunning top secret military documents published on internet revealing recovery of extraterrestrial vehicles and bodies during Truman administration. Documents have been released as part of a larger book titled "The Truth", available at, placing the events in context and providing summary of two-year authentication effort.

SANTA CLARA, CA - November 30, 1998 - Stunning top secret documents were released today dramatically expanding upon previously leaked materials concerning the recovery of extraterrestrial spacecraft and occupants in 1947. As a public service, the materials can be downloaded at no cost at

"The information contained in these documents is astounding," said Joseph P. Firmage, editor and co-author of the book, and the founder and chairman of the International Space Sciences Organization, its sponsor. Mr. Firmage is a prominent technology executive in Silicon Valley, California.

Clear copies of the documents are being forwarded to major U.S. news media organizations during the week of November 30, 1998.

Following a two-year authentication effort that continues today, experts in the field have concluded that the bulk of the documentation is genuine. "It is now absolutely clear that one or more crashed vehicles were recovered by the military of the United States Government in 1947. It is certain that these vehicles were not manufactured by any contemporaneous government. Scientists and the media who reject this claim, particularly in the face of this most recent evidence, are ignoring the single most important event to confront humanity in perhaps 2,000 years," added Firmage. The document authentication effort is being led by Dr. Robert M. Wood, Ph.D., a respected physicist and former senior engineering manager for McDonnell Douglas.


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Among the more remarkable facts disclosed is the documents are the following:

1. The spacecraft employ propellantless propulsion, clearly indicating some form of gravitational propulsion technology

2. Several life forms were recovered among the debris, autopsies were conducted

3. Dr. Vannevar Bush became Chairman of an operation called MAJESTIC TWELVE, charged with managing the recovery and ongoing analysis of the materials

4. Raw technological material recovered was subsequently studied, some of which was "seeded" into private industry, yielding advances in now-common microcircuitry, fiber optics, materials sciences, and other applications

5. Research programs were launched in rocketry, electronics, biological warfare, and advanced propulsion

6. A security infrastructure more impenetrable than any in world history was put in place, in part through the establishment of the National Security Act of 1947. Through various intelligence vehicles, a program for "control of the press" was instituted ensuring that leaks were closed and any open scientific investigation discredited.

The book containing the released documents, called The Truth, places the phenomenon of extraterrestrial visitation in its appropriate historical context. "The plausibility of many seminal religious events recounted in world history is dramatically reaffirmed by the reality of this phenomenon. Based upon private information available to the authors but not yet in print, I stand firmly behind the essential structure of the astonishing hypothesis contained in this work," stated Mr. Firmage.

"I again call upon the President and Congress of the United States of America to waive oaths of secrecy for all civilian and military personnel concerning the historical events presented within documentary finds published for the first time in this book. This is the only way to finally bring an end to a fifty-year program of concealment. The truth must be told for the benefit of our children, before all remaining eyewitness testimony expires. In view of the implications of this hypothesis, I can well appreciate and understand the genuine motivations of those who contained the knowledge brought to light today. But for the first time in 50 years, society is now ready to hear the rest of the story, and the urgency of an organizing motive for the world has never been greater," continued Firmage.

The International Space Sciences Organization can be reached at 1556 Halford Avenue, Suite 110 Santa Clara, CA 95051, PH: 408-395-4378.

November 30, 1998

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