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Feature Articles: Roswell Crash Photo Reveals 50 Year Old Secret

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Roswell Crash Photo Reveals 50 Year Old Secret

Major Jesse Marcel Sr. Holding Fragments of Crashed UFO Disk

This is a photograph of Major Jesse Marcel holding fragments of the Roswell crash UFO debris on July 8, 1947. On that historical day, newspaper photographer James "Bond" Johnson was hastily dispatched from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper to take photographs of the Major posing with the UFO crash debris for the newspaper.

You have probably seen this photograph many times in books and magazine articles over the years. But until now, no one noticed the symbols on the beams where they criss-cross like scissors in the lower left quadrant of the picture. Can you see the symbols?

In June, Bond Johnson asked if we would examine the Roswell crash photographs using high-tech computer technology. Scanning photographs made from the original negatives and then magnifying them revealed the photograph's 50 year old secret -- symbols of unknown origin sequentially lined up and down the beams. What a revelation! But who made the symbols and what do they represent?

If the symbols were of Earthly origin, we would expect them to be familiar to us, but they are not.

Today we use symbols in public places such as airports, hotels, and restaurants to communicate information to people who do not speak our language. We have standard symbols representing things such as eating, sleeping and transportation. What then, do these unknown symbols represent? Were they made by people on Earth? Or alien beings from somewhere else?

Original negatives and photographs are housed at the Photographic Collection of the University of Texas at Arlington Libraries in Texas USA. Roswell photographs are courtesy of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Reprints of these famous Roswell photographs may be obtained from the library by calling 817-272-3393 or by faxing 817-272-3360.


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