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Alien Abduction
Experience and Research
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Alien Abduction Homework Helper

Alien Abduction Homework Helper

Students get help with your homework here!

These questions were sent in by students wanting help with school reports or speeches. Look here for answers to your questions on aliens or UFOs.  Many students have written back afterwards to tell us they got an "A."

1. Question: I am wanting to find out what kind of work I can get into regarding this topic or UFOs. I am extremely interested and have read a lot about abductions including personal UFO sightings.

Answer: The best thing to do is to get good grades in science or math. Then you can go into scientific research for private industry, NASA, etc. You can pursue subjects such as aviation, astronomy, physics, etc. In the next 10 years, there will be people stationed year-round in space doing regular jobs. Companies on Earth will have to provide them with all their food, clothing, household and medical needs in a space environment. In 20 years, people will be stationed on different planets or their moons and will be traveling beyond our universe. The possibilities are just beginning to open up.

2. Question: I am 15. I have always wondered about aliens and I have always believed that they are here even though I haven't had any experiences to prove it yet. But I was wondering, do you see any possible findings of alien life soon?? Are you searching now?? And how do you search? Do you just sit outside and look up in the sky? I am very curious. Please answer these questions for me.

Answer: We already know there is alien life visiting Earth. Every major country on Earth has some facet of its military devoted to preparing for alien contact. Many people have seen aliens. Many people spend hours watching the sky and photographing UFOs. Many military people have come forward and revealed what is secretly known about aliens. One thing you can be sure of -- if there were no aliens, there would be no secret government projects to study aliens or no satellites up in space to monitor the UFOs approaching Earth.

3. Question: What makes you think aliens actually exist?

Answer: Because of all the historical reports, stories, and artwork going back 10,000+ years. A lot of this information is at the web site.

4. Question: Have you ever actually seen a UFO or been abducted? If so please describe.

Answer: Yes, I have seen UFOs while driving in a car, sitting in an office, and from an airplane. My elementary grade abduction experiences were dedicated to my learning. I thought the aliens were showing me magic. Now I realize they were teaching me Quantum Physics.

5. Question: Do you think aliens live among us like normal humans?

Answer: No, not for any length of time. They seem to be here for short periods of time while on Earth to perform special tasks.

6. Question: What do aliens want with Earthlings?

Answer: Aliens want biological and genetic material from humans, animals, flora and fauna, for their own research. Some of their research involves how much of Earth's ecology has been damaged. Ecology is the interdependent balance between Earth and the human, plant, and animal life it supports.

7. Question: Do you believe the image Hollywood has given aliens is in any way true?

Answer: No, the Hollywood image is based on a notion that aliens are simple-minded children or space hoods. Neither is accurate.

8. Question: Are Aliens' intention hostile or friendly?

Answer: Both. That is because there are so many different alien life forms visiting Earth. Each alien group has its own agenda on what to do about Earth. Some alien groups are pirates; they take what they can get from this planet, and then they leave. Some aliens are missionaries; they are determined to teach humans how to stop killing each other. Some aliens are lab scientists who want biological or genetic material from plants, animal and people. Some aliens are academic and have little interest in people except for brief interactions. Some aliens are simply passing by on their way to somewhere else in the universe.

9. Question: I am seriously considering becoming an astronomer of some sort and I have some questions if you could so kindly answer please. Does this job ever get boring or are you always learning? What is the average salary for an astronomer if you don't mind me asking? Well thank you for your time and I hope to see you in a few years!

Answer: You have chosen a good career field. The job never gets boring and you are always learning. You will find yourself asking more questions than you can ever get answers for, but that is what people love about the work. Astronomers are in the hard sciences and earn a nice living. By the time you are ready to get a job, you can do an internet search to find out the average salary.

10. Question: Do you think that maybe I could find life on another planet??? I am 11 so it would be at least 10 years!

Answer: Yes, I think you could. We need people with your determination to help us in our quest. We'll look forward to meeting you!

11. Question: Hi. I am a 10 year old girl and I am really into space. When aliens are spotted, are there any signs of them the next day?

Answer: Yes, the signs of aliens are found at their landing sites. These signs are things like pod-marks in the field or on the grass. The pods are the round feet which are found on some UFOs. Sometimes the UFOs leave burn marks on the grass. Some people have reported tree branches being broken from UFOs.

12. Question: Hi. I am 13 and in grade 8. We've mailed b4. I am doing my speech on aliens. Could you answer the following questions? When is the most likely time for contact?

Answer: The most likely time for alien contact is after it gets dark and most people are asleep. Generally, this is between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.

13. Question: Why do the aliens come?

Answer: The aliens come for many reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons. The aliens come to do psychological or medical checks on humans. They also come to educate humans to protect the ecology of planet Earth. They also tell humans to stop planning for biological warfare and to stop killing each other.

14. Question: What kinds of aliens are there?

Answer: In the entire universe, there are billions of species of alien life forms. Several thousand of these species may have already visited Earth. Aliens come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.

15. Question: Where and how do aliens contact you?

Answer: Aliens have contacted people while they were asleep, outside playing, riding in a car, or at school. Sometimes aliens only appear to one person in a group.

16. Question: Where have some major alien sightings occurred?

Answer: One of the biggest alien sightings occurred at the Ariel School in Zimbabwe, South Africa. On September 16, 1994, 62 elementary students watched a UFO land near the school yard. The students saw a short alien man, 3 feet tall with big black eyes and black hair wearing a shiny black suit, walking near the UFO.

17. Question: What does an astronomer do?

Answer: An astronomer spends most of the day studying data on a computer or teaching astronomy classes to college students. Astronomers study objects which are too far away to touch or dissect, such as the sun, other galaxies, asteroids, and so on. Most astronomers have a Ph.D. and have taken more classes in Physics than astronomy. This is because Physics provides the basis for understanding our world. Astronomers work for government, space, defense, or research-based programs. Because an astronomer's work is centered on research, some astronomers must write grant proposals in order to get funding to pay for their salaries and special equipment. Astronomers without a Ph.D. can work in planetariums, science museums, science libraries, or do computer imaging, operate a telescope, and so on.

18. Question: Alien abductions are a massive invasion of privacy, and given this, I wondered what actions, if any the government could take to prevent alien abductions, or if the number of alien abductions could be reduced if certain government policies were abolished?

Answer: Government agencies can't stop aliens from coming to earth. They can't stop aliens who move in and out of dimensions. They can't stop aliens who seem able to control time.

19. Question: How did aliens get their name?

Answer: In the English language, the word "alien" means owing political allegiance to another country or belonging to another country. Because aliens come from somewhere else in the universe, they are foreign to planet Earth; hence they are alien to it, or aliens.

20. Question: have astronomers found any solar systems like ours?

Answer: Astronomy has made some big learning leaps in the last 3 years. Astronomers now realize that stars, which are actually suns, sometimes have a wobble and have large planets associated with them. Astronomers have now counted about 120 of these solar systems in our space neighborhood which they believe could support life of some sort. A new minor planet was discovered in our own solar system in October 2000.

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