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Joe Stewart: The Paranormal Nomad

Joe Stewart, The Paranormal Nomad

Joe Stewart's Website Featuring Paranormal Research

Joe Stewart says, "We invite you to enter this portal of the strange and unimaginable. We simply ask you to suspend your judgment and expand your mind in the vastness of the unknown. Come witness the wonder that is our reality. The truth is out there and so are we."

Joe Stewart is not your average man. He has a career of having hunted anything paranormal, including UFOs, ghosts, spirits, Dogman, and Bigfoot. Joe's fascination with Bigfoot and Cryptozoology evolved from his early investigations into paranormal phenomena associated with UFOs and alien contact.

Early on, Joe was one of the country's first investigators who recognized the paranormal connection with anything alien. This persistent belief of there being a paranormal connection, conflicted with the various internationally recognized groups studying UFOs.

Joe soon found his peers wanted to focus on easily definable characteristics of UFOs and alien abduction, while disregarding anything paranormal. Many researchers did not want to acknowledge anything paranormal in an alien context as it did not fit their snap together profile of what they thought an abductee should be discussing with investigators.

Having his own personal paranormal experiences led Joe to conclude there was more to UFOs than just unidentified craft flying around, or strange big-eyed creatures invading people's bedrooms at night. Joe realized the alien influence was like a spider web covering everyone affected by alien contact.

This paranormal phenomena struck Joe and his family directly. No one was left untouched. Joe's family had seen shape-shifting Bigfoot on family property. Joe was intrigued with how a species could transform itself so readily and wanted to know why. Joe knows most Bigfoot creatures deliberately stay out of sight of humans and so he goes into secluded campgrounds, state parks, and national forests to track Bigfoot and their families.

Joe knows Bigfoot whereabouts are tracked by state and federal forest and recreational park employees, charged with the responsibility for monitoring wildlife in their area. He will also tell you they won't disclose everything they know.


Photo of Joe Stewart, The Paranormal Nomad

Photo of Joe Stewart,
The Paranormal Nomad

Joe is also familiar with paranormal phenomena associated with Bigfoot, including shape-shifting abilities, instantaneous time travel or relocation to a different place, and a connection between Bigfoot and aliens and the secrets they are hiding.

Joe has been investigating paranormal phenomena all over Michigan for the past thirty years. Joe is ready to move on anything paranormal and his gear is ready to travel at a moment's notice. He uses high-tech audio and video equipment to record ghosts and hauntings, Dogman, and more. Joe hunts Bigfoot activity in the field, including their tracks and identifiable trail markers, and has recorded never before heard audio of Bigfoot conversations with each other.

Joe has been researching ghosts, spirits, demons, hauntings, Dogman, Bigfoot, and more, and is ready to share his findings with you. Joe is The Paranormal Nomad.

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