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Paranormal Photos: Minnesota UFO "Beam Me Up Scotty!"

Paranormal Photos: Aliens, UFOs, and Unexplained Phenomena

Minnesota UFO "Beam Me Up Scotty!"

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This October 11, 1999 UFO video  was taken by Darryl Djos with a Sony camcorder and shows a UFO at night, with two square lights on the same side. The UFO is rotating silently in a counter-clockwise direction and is hovering several hundred feet in the air above a city street in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

At 8:51 the UFO hovers in a stationary position near the roof line of the house below. Note the apparent sky light in the slanting roof of the house below which is lit up. 

At 8:51:01, the UFO emits a beam of light parallel to the sloped roof of the house below. Because the light was only "on"  for about a tenth of a second, it is likely the photographer never saw it. At that moment, "Beam me up, Scotty!" seems appropriate. 

This is an enhanced enlargement of the tubular beam of light coming from the UFO.   The tubular beam of light has some unusual properties in that it does not diffuse light outward in a "normal" way and may have a slight wave in it. In fact, the beam of light actually stops next to the sky light.

UFO videotape was made by Darryl Djos and sent in by Bill McNeff, Minnesota MUFON State Director. Video analysis and enhancements by AAER.

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