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Paranormal Photos: Minnesota Shape-Shifting UFO

Paranormal Photos: Aliens, UFOs, and Unexplained Phenomena

Minnesota Shape-Shifting UFO

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This October 23, 1999 video  was taken by Darryl Djos with a Sony camcorder and shows a UFO at night above the tree line in St. Paul, Minnesota. By single framing the videotape on the computer, the UFO can be seen rotating counter-clockwise with a familiar "UFO wobble." 

14 seconds later at 6:38:10, the UFO is behind the trees looking more like a plastic rain hat. 

6 seconds later at 6:38:16,  the UFO is now looking more like a an old-fashioned spinning toy. 

One second later at 6:38:17, the UFO has changed shape again, and appears to have more of a rounded shape. 

Physicists have speculated that what we see around shape-shifting UFOs may not be the UFO itself, but rather the energy change occurring around the UFO as it moves between dimensions.

11 seconds later at 6:38:28, the UFO has become more of a dome-shaped disk, with either lights or structural components around its perimeter. 

UFO videotape was made by Darryl Djos and sent in by Bill McNeff, Minnesota MUFON State Director. Video analysis and enhancements by AAER.

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