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Parnaormal Photos: UFO Chases Chem Trails

Paranormal Photos: Aliens, UFOs, and Unexplained Phenomena

UFO Chases Chem Trails

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On July 20, 2000, Lynn Stokes was in a grocery store parking lot in San Antonio,  Texas when he looked up to see massive chemtrails being sprayed by jet aircraft. He ran back into the store to buy a disposable camera to take photos of the chemtrails. He came back outside and took photographs. At no time did he see the round object through the viewfinder that showed up in the picture. When he got the film developed, he was shocked to see the image on the photo. The bright orb image was on the negative as well!

Smaller white orbs can be seen near the chemtrails in several of the photos.  There are about seven on the large orb photo. Whatever this bright large orb is, it was not visible to the naked eye. One can only speculate as to its connection to the chemtrails.

This is a closeup of a possible UFO or tiny orb in the top photo.

There are other shots of the exact same part of the sky just seconds  before or after and the object is not visible (proving that it is not the sun which was straight overhead).

Note chemtrails are dissipating and there are no traces of the unexplained object streaking through the photo with its orangish tail.

According to a trusted friend of Lynn's who channels information, the chemtrails are supposedly an attempt by the government to cover up UFO activity, specifically motherships. There are more of them coming now and they are afraid of the panic that would ensue if they are seen. She said the intention of the chemtrail operation was not to cause illness in people, but small children would be adversely affected by the spraying.

As Lynn stated, "In my opinion the orb in my photo is closer to the camera than it is to the chemtrail formation. I think it wanted to be photographed. The channeled information must be taken with a grain of salt. However, the information from this source has been very accurate in the past. It doesn't completely make sense to me but I suppose it is a possibility.  The reason I mentioned her comments about the chemtrails is really just to get people thinking in a direction that might not have occurred to them before."

Photographs and report by Lynn Stokes, Texas.

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