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Paranormal Photos: "Alien Choir" Photographed

Paranormal Photos: Aliens, UFOs, and Unexplained Phenomena

Alien Choir Photographed

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This photograph shows a group of six aliens standing on a garage roof in Alabama.  The aliens are facing in one direction towards a hovering ball of light, from which another alien appears to be descending. This September 29, 2000 photograph was taken after the witness saw a movement and heard a sound like "humming electric lines." Having seen and heard UFOs before, the witness knew to take a picture. 

This is a control photo of the same location by daylight showing the layout of the street, telephone pole, and garage roof down over the hill.  Next see Close-up of Alien Choir for the enlargements

Name and address of photographer are on file. Photo analysis and enhancements by AAER.

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