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Paranormal Photos: Eerie Energy Fields Photographed at Birch Lake

Paranormal Photos: Aliens, UFOs, and Unexplained Phenomena

Eerie Energy Fields Photographed at Birch Lake

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Mr. T. Sutter has photographed many eerie energy fields over Birch Lake in Minnesota. This is a place where UFOs have been encountered. According to Mr. Sutter, "This photo was taken about 6 months ago at Birch Lake which I visit often."

Paranormal Photos: Eerie Energy Fields Photographed at Birch Lake

"There are two main launching docks. I had just taken my boat out of the water when I heard a loud buzzing, whirring noise all around me. - So I snapped a few pictures. This is one of them. The other two have other oddball spheres in them."

"But this one takes the cake! It covers the whole picture - NOTHING like that could be seen. Very tiny flashes, like tiny bright reddish lightning bugs were all around me but were not picked up by the camera. Just that ghostly like thing which I did NOT see at all."

"ALL of the pictures that show oddball things were taken at one or the other of the docks at Birch Lake. Those things do not appear on photographs taken anywhere else, only at Birch Lake."

Mr. Sutter stated, "I do not think that it is due to any flaw in the camera because I always take groups of pictures when I start photographing anything, (no film, it's all free). Those things appear in pictures where the previous and the following pictures do not portray anything unusual. The 'bubbles' CANNOT be seen. Keep that in mind."

"I do not know of their existence until I download the pictures and that 'ghostly thing' also was not seen. What was seen then were very tiny flickering red/pinkish colored lights everywhere.

"Viewers need to realize that these things CANNOT be seen when the pictures were taken. The obvious UFOs do not fall into that category. Those other two UFOs in the previous pictures I sent you, were seen as I photographed them. Just wish they didn't fly away so fast."

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