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Questions and Answers: How often do abductors monitor or visit the abductees?

Questions and Answers

How often do abductors monitor or visit the abductees?

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Question: How often do abductors monitor or visit the abductees?

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While most abductees are unaware of any particular routine, many abductions occur in predictable cycles. Cycles vary depending on the age of the abductee. It is also likely that females are monitored or visited with greater regularity due to some Aliens' interest in females for reproductive purposes.

Age has an impact on frequencies of abductions. A young child may be first abducted around the age of five (give or take a few years), then again several years later. As the child reaches puberty, the abductions may increase in frequency. Each abduction or visit may represent a periodic physical and mental examination of the young person. Abductions typically increase further when the child or teenager becomes biologically capable of reproducing himself or herself.

Since males are capable of reproducing themselves anytime after onset of puberty, their monitoring schedule may vary. Females capable of reproduction may be visited or abducted on a regular schedule of every six to eight weeks. This schedule can begin after onset of puberty or anytime thereafter.

The visits coincide with the female's monthly menstrual cycle. The first visit or abduction is to implant or impregnate the female; the follow-up visit six to eight weeks later is to remove the tiny fetus.

As with any laboratory procedure, precision and timing is important. Since gestation occurs according to a timeframe, reproductive visits are methodical and predictable. An astute abductee can anticipate when the next abduction will likely occur. The visit or abduction may occur every seven weeks on a Tuesday, for example and may vary occasionally if the female's monthly cycle is interrupted due to illness or injury. Abductees have learned that being on vacation or away from home makes no difference in the abduction schedule. As abductees say, "You can run, but you can't hide."

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