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Questions and Answers: How do I know if I have been examined by aliens?

Questions and Answers

How do I know if I have been examined by aliens?

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How do I know if I have been examined? I think I have been examined, I have no physical marks to show, but events that happened during the night of august 4 have confused my judgment on things. I was walking alone in knoxville, when I became uncontrollably sleepy, I was on a mountain trail and apart from my camping group. the next thing I remember was being 2 miles down the trail with the sun coming up. When I reached the camp sight my friend told me that I went to find more firewood and did not come back until the morning. I was not drinking or using any drugs of any kind, is there any explination for this occurance? I was also missing a patch of hair on the back of my neck about the size of a dime. Which I did not notice until a week later.

--question from Tennessee, USA


While AAER can't state conclusively you were abducted, your report shows a scenario commonly seen in abduction cases: A person of any age, male or female, walks away from the visibility of other group members to perform a task in an isolated area. In your case, you walked away from camp to get firewood. Since a campground is an isolated environment, a person doesn't have to walk very far to be completely alone and unseen by other people. Once the person becomes separated from the safety of the group, he or she is vulnerable to being abducted. It is no coincidence the majority of abductions occur in rural or isolated areas or out of sight of other people.

The sudden sleepiness you felt would not normally have inclined you to lay down and take a nap on a mountain trail! So, the sleepiness probably represented the start of the abduction process. It is also possible the abduction process began earlier if you don't remember leaving camp or why you left camp to go up the trail. It is possible you were "instructed" at that time to go for a walk to fulfill the abduction procedure.

You experienced many hours of "missing time" until you found yourself two miles down the trail with the sun rising. No doubt seeing the sun coming up would have been doubly surprising! The fact your friend did not see you during the night is another indicator that something was wrong, especially if you had no past history of wandering away from camp.

Had you been abducted while asleep in camp, you would not have experienced missing time. Another important consideration is that you were not under the influence of any mind-altering substances. The missing patch of hair could have been removed by the Alien abductors for their laboratory purposes or it may have been the location of an implant. It is also likely this was not your first abduction experience, but rather, just one in a series that was more identifiable because you had missing time.

Coping with the truth is often traumatic for people who suspect they have been abducted. You'll need to decide if you want to learn the truth. It is a troubling experience, but in the end, many abductees learn to cope with the experiences in their own way. If you want to explore the abduction scenario further, read the book reviews here to see what books sound interesting. If you want to meet others coping with questions about the abduction experience, please join the group on the bulletin board. It's an easy way to meet others who have had similar experiences.

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