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Questions and Answers: Do aliens have a fascination with wrist watches?

Questions and Answers

Do aliens have a fascination with wrist watches?

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I had a very bizarre thing happen on Friday, November 20, 1998. I was at my daughter's house. While she was at work, my youngest daughter and I decided to go shopping. I am in the habit of wearing my watch every day. I had taken the watch off the night before, as I was doing dishes, etc., and had put the watch in the spare room on top of a duffel bag with my clothes in it. The next morning before going into town to shop, I took a shower, so of course I had not put my watch on yet.

As my daughter and I were ready to leave, I went into the bedroom to get the watch, but could not find it. I thought it might have fallen into the duffel bag, and half-heartedly attempted to rummage around in the bag with my hand to find it. I did not find it, so we decided to leave without it. We had to be back home by 2:30 p.m., as my grandkids get home from school then.

My daughter was standing next to me and saw my bare arm as I felt my arm and said how naked I felt without the watch. My daughter said we could ask the time from someone in the store and not to worry about not having the watch on. The watch has a band that does not stretch, so it was not possible to push the watch further up my arm when it was clasped. The clasp is also quite hard to clasp without using both hands to secure the watch. The watch fits very tightly.

When we got to the first store, my daughter asked if I had any hand lotion? I gave her some from my purse. She did take her wedding rings off to put the lotion on, and I did not pay attention to what hand she put the rings back on. However, she swears she put them back on her left hand. We got to the check-out, and by habit, again, I went to look at my watch on my left arm, and, of course, it was not there.

We asked a lady in back of us in line if she had the time. She said it was 1:00 p.m. We paid for our purchases and decided we still had time to hit K-Mart down the street. When we got to K-Mart, we at first did not take a basket, but soon found we were carrying a lot of stuff. My daughter stayed with the packages and I went to get a basket. I took the basket back to the aisle where my daughter was waiting.

I was getting a little concerned as to the time again. I touched my arm and began to say, "Boy! I sure do miss my. . .Yep! The watch was clasped tightly on my arm. I almost screamed. I had the funniest feeling in my stomach, like everything had turned upside down for just a second. My daughter and I just stared at each other. We did not know what to say. We finished our shopping and went to the check-out. I paid for my things and waited for my daughter to pay for hers.

She reached out her hand to pay and her face turned very white. Even the store clerk looked at both of us. I asked my daughter what was the matter. As we were walking out of the store, she showed me her hands. Her wedding rings were on the wrong hand. She was totally dumbstruck. Even though she did take the rings off to put the lotion on, she swears she did put the rings back on her left hand, not her right.

In and of itself, either of these incidences could be attributed to forgetfulness, maybe. But because both the watch incident and the ring incident were noticed within a half-hour of each other, it seems quite peculiar. The watch is a wind-up, and I have not changed the time on it since it reappeared. It says 6:45 p.m. That is right about the time I took the watch off Thursday night. Too bizarre! It would seem that if I had put the watch on before going shopping, I would have changed the time, or at least wound the watch. Also, I still have that gut feeling that something really strange did happen. I just can't seem to put my finger on it. ????? Any ideas?


Many abductees have reported that aliens have a fascination with time pieces or wrist watches. Comments made by aliens suggest they are able to manipulate time and are not ruled by it the way we are on earth.

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