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Questions and Answers: Should I baptize my alien hybrid children?

Questions and Answers

Should I baptize my alien hybrid children?

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As a lifelong abductee, I and many others welcome the opportunity to discuss and explore the subject of alien hybrid children. I want to know if I should have my alien hybrid children baptized. For instance, I mean "baptize" as defined in Webster's Dictionary: "A Christian sacrament signifying spiritual which one is purified, sanctified."

I see baptism as a request from man to God to protect, to watch over, to "Bless" the individual being baptized. And the hybrid children I refer to are not of earthly union, but are the harvested fruit of abduction, the tiny fragile creatures sustained within plexiglass-like incubators. That's really what I am getting at: Would it benefit THEM to be baptized? Do they have souls? Does God even want them baptized?


You are asking an excellent question requiring a "nonscientific" answer. All life is special, regardless of its method of conception. If blessing these alien hybrid children will help you feel you have protected them, then do it. Your tiny alien hybrids are life forms requiring protection and nurturing. The soul, the spirit, the essence, whatever you choose to call it, is the uniqueness which separates us from non-living things.

Does God want the hybrids baptized? Do they have souls? Those are good questions, but the answer depends on who is God. If you believe God as defined by your religion, then you should have your alien offspring baptized. If you believe God is an alien who visited earth thousands of years ago, then your offspring may not require a baptism. The bottom line is that if you want to baptize your offspring, hybrid or otherwise, then you should do so.

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