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Questions & Answers: Is my daughter being visited by shadow people?

Questions and Answers

Is my daughter being visited by shadow people?

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I am writing this to see if you can help me in any way. A friend of a friend gave me this email address. What I am about to tell you, might not have anything to do with alien abductions. But if it does not, could you please tell me where else I can look for answers.

Here is my problem. My middle child, who is 8, keeps seeing "shadow people" in her bedroom. They have not hurt her, but they scare her very badly. I know that she is not making this up, like some kids do, because my husband has seen them also. She will not even sleep in her room anymore, she has to sleep with her sister.

I do not know what to tell her, to calm her fears. I am not sure if these "shadow people" mean her harm. She also sees bright flashes of light in the sky that no one else can see. She has seen them with not only family, but my friends as well. She is very adamant about seeing these lights.

I don't know if one thing has to do with the other. But I felt the need to mention it. I don't know if I should worry or let it go. And I am trying to find advice on this. Again, if I am not looking in the right direction, do you have any suggestions where I should look? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Dealing with children and the subject of alien abductions is a very sensitive area. The fact that your husband has seen these beings as well is a big clue that what your daughter is seeing is something real. There is a group of aliens known as the shadow people, but you would have to tell me more before I could say whether or not that is the group your family is encountering.

My suggestion for children is not to alarm them. Let them tell you what they saw no matter how unreal. From your daughter's description, you will get a sense very quickly of what she is seeing. For example, my own daughter told me a year ago about how her bedroom changes at night -- the solitary window becomes a long row of windows just like a school bus, except that it flies through the air! The important thing you can do for your daughter is to be a good listener, without denying what she saw, and without adding to her own fears.

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