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Questions and Answers: Which alien has a halo-type bulge above its eyebrows?

Questions and Answers

Which alien has a halo-type bulge above its eyebrows?

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Please help me.....I am pretty sure I have been visited since I was 2....I am now 27....and earlier in my life I have seen the typical beings that everyone else seems to encounter....but lately a different form has been visiting me....and I have checked many different web sites and found nothing that come close to describing what I see at least twice a week standing at the end of my bed.

I have the usual stuff...paralysis or not being able to move...being awake seeing him (I'm pretty sure it is male)....and my nose my nose bleeds many times during the day.....I find when I get ready for bed I am over come with terror and am sure to the core of my soul on those nights I am visited.....I sleep with the lights on

I also feel as if I am going insane...but have decided to think about and try to understand what is going on....

So about these beings....He was about 2 1/2 feet tall....pudgy body....small hair...round head....and a ring around his head which I think was part of his if a halo was lodged just above where his eyebrows should be.... he stands there and tilts his head to his right then reaches across my bed and touches my forehead and I am released.....So there ya go....I don't really know where else to turn.....

1. The being has 2 normal eyes....just close together.....he seems to be very height / weight proportionate....

2. The skin color seemed as if it could be beige or tan....brown....

3. His skin looked very shiny...but in a moist if I got to touch him it might feel like a sponge....little bumps all over him this size of a small zit...but they weren't fur...didn't see any hair at all.

4. He was naked....and seemed ok with this..(of course clothing is a human thing).

5. It seemed as if I was already was a release to where I could he stood there staring at me and tilted his head to his right then reached his hand across and vanished.....I turned on and off the light to see if my pile of laundry could make that shape...but alas no.

6. The forehead ring seemed part of his skull....and he didn't glow.....not one bit...the only glow was from the building light outside my window making his skin glisten....he seemed very dense.

7. My feeling about him tells me that he was curious....he was alone...not like he was the only one in my room...but working alone...and felt alone....he also felt very young...almost like a child...a lone rogue soaring through the universe looking for interesting things...I don't think he means any harm....almost he doesn't understand...or go about trying.....almost like he needs friends.

Ya know....talking about this doesn't make it seem so bad or scary.....though the whole thing about not being able to move and such...all this against my can I say..."Hey, come down....let's have coffee...sit and chat".....that would be cool....I still feel as if I am unable to tell many people....but least I will be having fun and learning something new.... so let me know if any of this sounds familiar...or if he is new.... THANK YOU so much for this.


Well, after checking, it seems you may have encountered a lesser-known species. The forehead bulge is unusual, but some people have said it reminds them of Star Trek II. Perhaps someone reading this will recognize your alien and send us a description of their encounter.

Can you draw a picture of him? It doesn't have to be good. Just sketch him showing his body shape, the forehead bulge and his face.

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