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Questions and Answers: Did aliens do a body scan on my friend?

Questions and Answers

Did aliens do a body scan on my friend?

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A friend of mine was lying in bed one night, ready to go to sleep when she had this feeling that she was being 'scanned'. It started at her feet and slowly moved up to her head and by the time it was near her ear, it was making a sort of buzzing sound. All the time that this was happening, she felt like she couldn't move. Have you ever heard of anything like this before in an abductee case and could you point me to more literature, available on the internet, concerning this sort of encounter. My friend thinks that it could have also been ghosts, but when she told me of it, I was sure that I had heard of similar experiences in alien encounters. Thanks for your help.

--question from South Africa


This is one variety of alien techniques. The aliens have a great interest in our intellectual capacities as well as our bodies. It is unusual your friend remembers this experience as most encounters are not remembered afterwards, making the abduction scenario even more difficult to accept as real.

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