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Questions and Answers: Why was an elf traveling next to my car?

Questions and Answers

Why was an elf traveling next to my car?

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About twenty eight years ago I was driving to my girlfriend's house, about 5 miles from my home. I thought I saw an elf or similar person traveling just next to my car, outside of my car, on the driver's side, next to the rear door. I was traveling about 40 miles per hour. It was just a glimpse. I arrived at my girlfriend's house and it appeared that I got her up from her sleep. She asked me where I had been, since I was supposed to have been there several hours earlier. To this day I cannot explain it, and to tell the truth, I didn't go around telling anyone about it until now.


You have experienced what is known as missing time. You arrived at your destination much later than explainable, and with no memory of the missing time. I'm sure you had a very creepy feeling that evening as you were quizzed by your girlfriend on where you had been all that time.

The elf you saw would be considered a "screen" memory which is what your brain interpreted you were seeing. It could also have been the suggestion which was given to you by your abductors. If you were to try hypnosis, you would probably learn that the elf was really an alien face and that your abduction began at that moment. Other people have seen rabbits, deer, owls, raccoons, etc. just prior to an abduction from a car.

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