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Questions and Answers: Can you tell me about the Allagash abductions?

Questions and Answers

Can you tell me about the Allagash abductions?

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Can you tell me anything about the Allagash abductions of four campers in Maine?

--question from Pennsylvania, USA


The Allagash abductions occurred August 20, 1976 when four men in their mid-twenties ventured on a camping trip into the Allagash wilderness of Maine. Since you are also from Pennsylvania, you may be interested to know that three of the four men were born in Pennsylvania. Jim and Jack Weiner were born and grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Their friend Charlie Foltz was born in Sharon, Pennsylvania then grew up in northeastern Ohio in the town of Brookfield. Their other friend, Chuck Rak, was raised in Waban, Massachusetts, but due to his father's job, did a great deal of world traveling.

As darkness settled that August night, the men built a blazing campfire which they expected to burn all night long. Then they headed out in the canoe across the lake for a short trip. The next thing they remembered was rowing back to shore and and finding the campfire burned out! They thought they were gone only a few minutes, but strangely, did not discuss how the campfire could be burned out so soon. Instead, they promptly went to sleep without any discussion. After several years of night terrors and sleep disturbances, the brothers began asking each other if something terrifying had happened to them on the camping trip which they couldn't remember.

Under separately conducted hypnotic regressions, the men recalled being abducted from the canoe in the middle of the lake. Despite their attempt to escape by rowing to shore, a blue beam of light overhead pulled them into a hovering UFO. The men were probed and subjected to many physical and medical procedures. Jack and Jim Weiner, the brothers, were also identical twins which intrigued their Alien captors. Another oddity revealed was that their friend Charlie Foltz was abducted with the other three men only because he happened to be there! Charlie was the only one of the four with no prior abduction history. The Allagash abductions achieved notoriety as the first well-documented, multiple abduction case.

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