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Questions and Answers: Did aliens cause the mysterious scratches on my neck?

Questions and Answers

Did aliens cause the mysterious scratches on my neck?

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This dream that I had was very short....I was being abducted by aliens...I woke up abruptly and had a nasty scratch on the right side of my neck. (This is all after I woke up now I was no longer dreaming.) I thought I scratched myself, so I took my shower and got ready for work. After I got all my clothes on and went out the door it started to BURN really bad! I looked at it in the mirror and it became 2 scratches. I though oh maybe the cat got me. I went to work and an hour later it turned into 3.

It was hurting really bad so I went to the pharmacist to ask them what to put on it. They told me to use Cortisone. I've used Cortisone many times and it doesn't burn. It feels nice on my skin. I applied the Cortisone and it HURT SO BAD! The scratches swelled and throbbed and turned my neck red on the WHOLE right side. After the burning stopped it went back to normal puffiness. I had the scratches for about a month in the same condition, burning when putting on ointment etc.

Then not 2 days after the scratches went away, I saw 3 lights in the sky from the road. . . they looked like the lights you see for a Grand Opening but they were endless and didn't move. When I got home the lights were in my back yard -- one Red, one Blue, and one Purple. When I got outside, they disappeared. Am what I seeing Aliens? I would like to know if I have made contact. Could you please let me know? Thank you.


There is not enough information to say whether you have been abducted by aliens or not. The balls of light which you described have been seen by abductees. The lights come in different sizes and colors and can change shape or communicate with the person. Scratches are experienced when in contact with the Reptilian aliens. This is not to say that you have encountered the Reptilians. This is something you would have to explore further.

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