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Questions and Answers: Should my family and I fear being abducted?

Questions and Answers

Should my family and I fear being abducted?

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What question might I want to ask myself if I were wondering about abduction? Are there specific questions? I never have had any alarming things happen that I recall. My family never has either ... Should I be afraid? Does it usually fall into a pattern with parents and grandparents and so on?? I am very afraid of such things. I believe for sure, but I fear for my daughter.

Like I say, nothing has ever happened to me or her father or any along either of our families. Does it skip generations? My daughter is 1 1/2 years old. Should I fear for her if none of us have ever had any experience? I just watched a television show so I had many questions to ask. Thank you for your time.


You probably saw Whitley Strieber's TV program "Confirmation: Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us." Some abductees felt the TV program treated the subject too lightly. However, your unfounded fears are the reason it was better for you to see the lighter side of this difficult subject. Alien abduction does not skip generations and is not a disease. Most people are never abducted. If nothing has happened to you or your family, then don't worry about it. Enjoy yourself!

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