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Questions and Answers: What is the electrical humming sensation and paralysis?

Questions and Answers

What is the electrical humming sensation and paralysis?

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I think I am just going nuts to even tell anyone this, but I have to tell someone. I was born in Pensacola, Florida in 1960. One of the first memories I have is being terrified to look out of a window at night. I think maybe I was three. I have 2 older brothers who have said that they were petrified to go to bed at night.

The brother who is ten years older than me said he felt "something breathing down his neck" on numerous occasions while he was in his top bunk, and they both say that they felt like something was "going to get them." Well, they think it was ghosts but I don't. I remember lights. What kind of lights I don't know, just LIGHTS.

My mother told me that she could never understand why I would have such fits when the Blue Angels held practice shows and flew over our house. She said I would cower and scream...and I did, I remember. It wasn't the noise the planes made. I wasn't scared of loud noises. It was the idea that something flying might be coming to get me.

When I was 5 we moved to Columbus, Ohio...and this is where my memories start getting really weird. I HATED my room and the big picture window in it. Mom put my bed right under the window and I begged her not to put it under the window. She told me to stop being silly, nothing was going to get me. I would sneak down to the basement and crawl into bed with my brother Don. I felt safe in his basement bedroom.

Sometimes he would make me go back to my own room, and one night after he ran me off, I had what I thought was a dream...but was it a dream? In this dream I woke up and something HORRIBLE was standing by my bed. My mind turned whatever it was into Mickey Mouse, but even though it was Mickey Mouse it was still horrid. That vivid image of Mickey Mouse is still with me to this day and I am 38 years old!

When I was 12 we moved to Snowshoe, West Virginia. I became utterly fascinated with watching the sky at night. I would sit outside, even in the snow, to watch the sky. There were strange lights sometimes, and even though it scared me I was still compelled to watch.

I married and moved to Norfolk, Virginia, and it is here that the "buzzing" noise started. It hasn't happened when I am awake, or at least not that I have been aware of, but when I am asleep I get this awful "buzzing" in my head and it is numbing. It makes me mad that I can't find the words to describe this thing, all I can relate it to is it sounds like an electrical current and it vibrates my whole body. It feels like I am paralyzed (this just sounds nuts, even to me). Sometimes I can make it "go away", sometimes I can't.

It seems like I am awakened when it happens, but I can't be sure. I do know that I am conscience of it because the last time it happened was a couple of weeks ago and although I didn't tell my husband (he doesn't know about any of this) he asked me if I had a nightmare because I screamed "NO"! in my sleep and woke him up.

I am trying to be rational about all this, I know that when you are asleep (REM stage) your body produces a chemical that causes your muscles to relax so that you don't "act out" your dreams, and it causes a sensation of paralysis should you happen to be awakened. But what in the world would cause an electricial humming sensation? I am at the point where I am considering going to my doctor and telling him all this so he can check to see if I maybe have a brain tumor or something, but in my heart I know I don't. I know I am not crazy or given to flights of fancy either.

So, has anyone else complained of this problem or am I just trying to put too much stock in some vague memories and make something where there isn't anything? I would appreciate any input.


Everything you described has also been described by abductees. That does not mean you are automatically an abductee, but your experiences are parallel. The bedtime visitors, your brother's comments about the breathing on his neck, your fear of the window, the lights, sneaking off to the basement bedroom, etc., are all common indicators. Watching the sky at night is another indicator.

Many others have reported the buzzing sound which is often the forerunner or start of the impending paralysis at the start of many abductions. You are also experiencing the fear aspect which comes as you begin to grasp what may be happening in your life. In the next few years, you may find yourself remembering other things as you begin to explore this subject and how it has affected your life.

Keep reading the questions and answers here. You'll begin to feel better about yourself and how this fits into your life. Give it a try. It will help you cope and understand. You may eventually come to regard yourself as a participant in this opportunity to be in contact with lifeforms from other parts of the universe. Our goal is to help people get past the fear and begin to feel like participants, rather than victims.

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