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Questions and Answers: Why did I wake up nude in my backyard?

Questions and Answers

Why did I wake up nude in my backyard?

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I am a 23 year old woman who is quite frightened by this whole alien thing. It began when I was a small child. I would wake up paralyzed, only being able to move my head. I have only seen them once. They give me the choice of opening my eyes or keeping them closed. I only opened them once and was so terrified, I never wanted to see them again.

They are not hurting me. I actually awoke naked in my backyard. I was not ever asleep, I just suddenly realized I was there, nude. I can feel their cold hands on my back, neck, and legs. It is a strange kind of pressure. Anyway, this has been going on for as long as I can remember. Too many experiences to write about.

Sometimes they come two or three times a year. Other times, they come maybe twice a week. Am I totally insane, or is this real? I am scared to go to bed at night. Why do they only come at night? I would appreciate some advice on how to deal with this.


Unfortunately for you, you have apparently experienced the kinds of things abductees experience. This includes not only the paralysis, feeling their hands or seeing them, but waking up in your back yard, nude or clothed, instead of in your bed. Some abductees report waking up with their clothes on backwards, or with clothes folded on the corner of the bed, and in at least one case, with wearing someone else's clothes! Other abductees report waking up with grass stains on the soles of their feet, etc. The possibilities are endless.

We understand your fear of going to bed at night. Nighttime is the easiest explanation of all, because it affords the maximum amount of privacy for alien activity in your yard.

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