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Questions and Answers: Are my memories and post traumatic stress related to abductions?

Questions and Answers

Are my memories and post traumatic stress related to abductions?

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I'm a middle aged man who is questioning whether or not I have had contact with aliens. My reasons for wondering this are by no means concrete so I doubt myself concerning this subject. Still, I do have suspicions. Years ago I had a dream In which I was suddenly hit by a very bright beam of light. At the time I was certain this was a dream. Now I'm no longer certain. I also awoke in the wrong bedroom once as a child and was terrified.

In the past few years I've watched several bright ufo-like objects as they moved around the sky at night in jerky and very fast manner. The only "close encounter" I've had was about two years ago this summer. It was night and I'd taken my dog outside before going to bed. The sky was clear and the stars were bright. I was standing in front of my home waiting for the dog to come back in when I noticed a very bright "star" which just looked different from all the others in some way. As I watched it began moving in my direction growing larger and larger. I became very frightened and literally screamed the dog's name. She ran in the door behind me. I didn't go back outside to look because I was afraid.

I don't know what all of this means. I do know that I often feel that I have post traumatic disorder for some reason. I just can't explain why I'd feel that way.

Oh, one other odd thing happened several years ago that I should mention. I was driving home one evening when I began to have what I thought were chest pains. I have come to realize that I was in the midst of a panic attack. At the time I actually drove to the local hospital in order to be checked out. They agreed that while my heart was fine my pulse rate was extremely fast. Because I was alone they decided medication was out of the question because I was driving. That's my story. Thanks.


You seem to have experienced what abductees have experienced, right down to the panic attack. I would like to say that your experiences don't match, but they do. You are also at the right age for starting to remember, as most people coming to realize the abduction scenario are in their mid forties -- or older. You will very likely discover that you are starting to remember bits and pieces of past experiences. These memories will surface anytime while awake, or will replay themselves in your dreams at night.

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