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Questions and Answers: Has anyone seen aliens with floating heads?

Questions and Answers

Has anyone seen aliens with floating heads?

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I've told my story to other sites, and have very few responses. My visitation started when I was about 4, and when I was down for my nap, a humanoid woman and man visited me in my bedroom, they were dressed in 40's style, and this was 1957. As time went on, I've seen silver discs, some very close, some in the distance, but 90% of people scuff when I want to share my story.

The big stuff came in the late 1970's and during most of the 1980's. I don't remember being visited after 1986. But these beings came to my bedside, they didn't look like they walked, but moved swiftly in graceful leaps. They were not 'greys', but round eyes, no hair, about 4 feet tall, wrinkled foreheads, and I might be getting this part mixed up, but little tiny sharp teeth. I do know that the floating head that got into my face did have teeth, a very evil looking smile, and stared into my eyes till I would pass out in terror.

And when I'd wake up in the morning to go to work, I wouldn't remember till later, then wonder if I was dreaming. No one that I've spoken to has seen this floating head, but it was there and it was real. I always knew when they were coming and the fear would lock me frozen in bed, I'd hide under the covers, peek and they would be in my room.

I've had unexplained bruses on my arms, legs, face. Times I just couldn't hear out of an ear. Bloody noses that didn't last long, but would have some blood on my pillow case. I do not remember going anywhere, never remember being in a 'ship' or escorted anywhere. These things stopped when I got so angry I was able to sit up in my bed and yell at them pointing my finger. When I did this they stopped in their tracks. I told them I wasn't scared of them any more and to get out. And from that point on, they visited me twice again, with me in their face. However, I still was knocked out somehow.

Now (as early as 2 months ago) I had a bruise on my right arm, that is still visible, and a black eye (my left) and sore around the tear duct, and when I rub it, feels interesting...that is the only way I can explain it. Now, here's the wierd thing that goes with this. I want to look at their faces again. But if they are taking me, obviously, they don't want me to see them again. I guess I don't cooperate, or something. So, this took place in Southern California. In my childhood...Highland Park, Los Angeles area, and in the 1970's & 1980's, Corona, California...and these unexplained bruises and eye stuff, Springfield

I do not know what the Pleadians look like, or the lizard people, or what other beings look like, just these ugly wrinkled little people that smile and don't talk. I'm 46 and believe that they are still checking me out, but like I said, have no memories of going anywhere. And someone must have seen this floating head thing. They used it on me for years. Thanks.


Many readers have written in asking about the floating heads and hiding under the sheets to avoid seeing these scary faces.

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