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Questions and Answers: Has anyone else been watched by aliens?

Questions and Answers

Has anyone else been watched by aliens?

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Hi! I may just be a little confused but here are some brief experiences I have had. As a child I used to be asleep and wake up with something "furry" grabbing my arm. This may appear strange but my bed was always against the wall, I had the same experience as a teenager and as an adult of 36 years.

I used to be a milkman in Western Australia, so for twenty years of my life I was alone and working in the early hours, SOME sightings I viewed. Tall figures Two meters, watching me all the time, no fear on my part though. Hearing a voice call my name repeatedly when no one was there.

I am 46 years old now and last year I woke up and couldn't move. I tried to wake my wife up, but I couldn't move at all, the whole room looked as if it was on fire, red glow. Lately I have the feeling of needing to run and keep running, from what I do not know. If you are wondering have I seen a UFO at all, my friends and family think I am a fruit loop, but when I was a milko I would see, hear strange things all the time.

I used to employ young kids to work on weekends and occasionally I would have to take them home, because of sightings, on one occasion I was training an adult and we both saw one of the 2 meter beings. He quit that night. Again these beings don't frighten me in anyway. What is happening? If you think as my family do that I need psyche, please say so. Thanks for reading this short letter. Regards.

--question from Western Australia


Many abductees report feeling as if they are being watched by aliens. However, most people do not see the aliens as you have. In your line of work you had more opportunities than other people to watch the sky for UFOs and to be aware of what it feels like to work alone. Some of this has contributed to your ability to be more aware of your surroundings. It is possible that other people could have similar reports if they would have had the opportunity.

There is nothing nutty about your letter. Many abductees have reported similar experiences. The best part about yours is that you are not afraid of the beings when you see them. . . however, when your young employees see the beings, that is not good for business if they quit on you after seeing them!

It sounds as if you have a good rapport with the aliens who are probably just keeping an eye on you and periodically checking on you to be sure you are all right. You really should be grateful that your experiences are in the positive realm, whereas so many other people remember only the terror.

As for your urge to run, that may be part of the "millennium" hype which has everyone wondering if planet earth can survive Y2K or even the year 2000. But your attitude is positive and we hope you can keep it that way.

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