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Questions and Answers: Has anyone seen aliens with glowing eyes?

Questions and Answers

Has anyone seen aliens with glowing eyes?

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I have read some of the messages on you bulletin board and I'm shocked because I had experiences sort of similar. Please tell me if I have been abducted, or is it something else. When I was about 7 or 8 years old, at night I would see about three or four sets of glowing eyes staring at almost every night. I don't remember how long it lasted. The second experience I had was when I was about the same age when I had my first experience, anyhow I woke up in my bedroom in broad daylight and could not move, or scream. Then I went back to sleep woke up and everything was fine. Sometimes just before I wake up I would hear loud talking of many people.

Recently, a few months ago, I was laying on my couch almost sleep and I felt something dark and heavy on me. I could not move for a few seconds. What ever it was frightened me. I had about four psychic dreams in the last past year and a half. Please tell me if this has anything to to with being abducted, and if so is it related to psychic dreaming.


Your experiences are similar to what abductees experience. Much of what people attribute to just psychic activity is actually alien interaction.

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