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Questions and Answers: Has anyone else seen floating heads at night?

Questions and Answers

Has anyone else seen floating heads at night?

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I have already shared what happened to me in 1948 at the age of four or so (the big black "bird" with the glass visor face). I was just reading of another person's experience of floating heads, and I thought I'd better write and tell you what my sister and I both saw when we were 5 and 10 years old.

It was in the same house as the other experience. I only saw them on occasions but my; sister saw these things every night and she used to beg Mum not to shut the door after putting us to bed. I only found out about 5 years ago that she saw these heads, too. I used to think I must be imagining them after a while. She went white as a ghost when I happened to mention them and she finished describing them to me. 

They used to hover around the ceiling cornice and on top of a wardrobe. Round luminous heads, nodding and jeering at us. There was a terrible evil atmosphere and I was terrified of them. They knew that, and laughed and mocked and nodded to each other. I never told anyone because I thought they would think I was mad, till I happened to mention it to my sister.

In later years, I have had nightmares about UFO's, as well as seeing 2 at night and one in broad daylight. My sister also has seen them. I hope you can assure the person who reported seeing such strange heads, that they are not the only ones. I know it sounds too weird, but it really happened and I can't deny that. 

--question from Australia


Your letter will reassure others who wondered if they were the only ones who ever saw floating heads.

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