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Questions and Answers: Does an astronomer's job ever get boring?

Questions and Answers

Does an astronomer's job ever get boring?

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I am seriously considering becoming an astronomer of some sort and I have some questions if you could so kindly answer please. Does this job ever get boring or are you always learning? What is the average salary for an astronomer if you don't mind me asking? Well thank you for your time and I hope to see you in a few years!


You have chosen a good career field. The job never gets boring and you are always learning. You will find yourself asking more questions than you can ever get answers for, but that is what people love about the work. Astronomers are in the hard sciences and earn a nice living.

As you might already know, astronomy has made some big learning leaps in the last 3 years. Astronomers now realize that stars ("suns") with a wobble have large planets associated with them. They have now counted about 120 of these solar systems in our space neighborhood which they believe could support life of some sort. Maybe you'll be the one to find life on other planets!

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