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Questions and Answers: Why did a sparkly white ball of light appear in my living room?

Questions and Answers

Why did a sparkly white ball of light appear in my living room?

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I observed a ball of white light much the appearance of a three foot across fireworks sparkler in my living room in the wee hours of predawn about three years ago. There was white dust in the room on the polished wood floors but I never connected the two.

In reading Steven Hawking's books on time and space, it has occurred to me that it must take a vast amount of power to go from one dimension to another. Virtual particles are formed in theory, at high temperatures around the edges of the cross-over point. Possibly these particles could be glass-like in nature. This could be the first evidence supporting some inter-dimensional visits by beings from another time or place.

There was a crackling sound with the flash. It got smaller very quickly, one to four seconds, and was gone. I awakened just as it was "going out."

I can't help remembering that I said, "What the hell is that?" and jumped up out of bed to examine it. I got to within 3 -5 inches of it before it vanished. It was a silver-white sparkler and very real. I was very much awake. I remember a "fresh rain" smell in the air. That would support a burning of something, ozone release. Very spooky. This was not ball lightning, I have seen that.

I do not believe I was abducted. Maybe I was not properly asleep for some kind of visit, who knows, if one believes it is possible. Glass balls and spheres are the result of intense heat and airflow. You never know.


Your observations coincide with what we are studying. We would like to test your sparkly house dust if you can send it to us. We have tested other people's dust in the lab and you can read about some of these results at Research News: Physical Evidence of Alien Abductions May Exist in Household Dust. It is good to hear that someone has actually observed what is suspected. While no one knows if anyone was abducted in your home that night, the physical trace evidence suggests you were in contact with some other dimension.

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