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Questions and Answers: Has anyone seen robed aliens carrying a helmet?

Questions and Answers

Has anyone seen robed aliens carrying a helmet?

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Hi, I have a question on something that happened to me last night. I was already in bed, when I noticed a robed person? walk up to the foot of my bed, he held out a welding helmet that had my name on it, he then backed up, came forward again, this time holding out white plastic coat hangers, backed up again.

Then he came all the way to the head of the bed, I felt someone holding me down, I tried but could not move at all, I then felt something being inserted into my ear.

Had my ear looked at today. It is all red and inflamed. While whatever was being inserted into my ear, I got a taste in my mouth like one would get when having a dentist drill on your teeth (metal taste). Can this be explained?

These types of things seem to be happening to myself, my sisters, and to my mother, my father and my wife are never bothered. Thank you.


This sounds like alien abduction activities. The helmet with your name on it is a new twist. You may be experiencing dream imagery along with an abduction. In other words, your mind is interpreting your discomfort or pain into visual imagery which you can relate to. But many people have seen aliens dressed as robed figures. Other people have also reported a metal taste in their mouths.

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