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Questions and Answers: Was I abducted while camping?

Questions and Answers

Was I abducted while camping?

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I was camping with my friends and when they were sleeping, I was awake. This is when I felt that I was not all there. I remember that I was flying up towards a bright light. Then I remember after looking at my watch and it was 4 hours later. In the morning I look down at my genitals and saw strange looking marks on them. The marks were like someone had stuck a needle in. There were also marks on my right forearm. After I went to a doctor, he did some X-Rays and found a piece of metal in my forearm. This was later removed. Now I have re-occurring dreams of small men with large heads and large eyes studying me and "probing" me. Was I abducted while camping?

--question from Victoria, Australia


While no one can say for certain if you were abducted, your apparent camping abduction is similar to that of many other people on camping trips. The campsite provided a very private opportunity for the Aliens. Flying up into the light is your last conscious memory of what researchers like to call "doorway amnesia." Seems abductees "black out" before entering the UFO.

The four hours of missing time represent the amount of time you were being physically examined. Memories of what happened to you were likely blocked by a mental suggestion to you at the time from the Aliens; however, now that time has passed, your previously censored memories are leaking or bleeding through to your dreams.

You are likely dreaming actual events remembered by you as you sleep. Unfortunately, dreams enable full recall of fear and anxiety which you are probably also experiencing. The dreams will probably continue until the memories play themselves out and you have had time to cope with this trauma in your own way.

The metal implant found and removed from your forearm is presumed to be a tracking device -- the same way we "tag" wild animals to keep records of herd size, distance and destination of travel, and so forth. Can you send us a picture of the implant (or the implant) which was removed? Did you have it analyzed?

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