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Questions and Answers: What does 111 or 1111 mean?

Questions and Answers

What does 111 or 1111 mean?

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I've had many strange experiences throughout my life. I scored a 17 on your survey; however I am not the type to jump to conclusions nor do I feel at this time I am an abductee.

However I am hoping you can answer a question for me. Have you ever come across the numbers 1111 or 111 in relation to alien abduction or contact? I would appreciate an answer either way. These numbers have been 'haunting' me for a very long time now. It's as if when they pop up on a clock, receipt, etc. I'm supposed to remember something, but I can't. I also want to mention I'm 33 years old and a happily married mother of 3 who works part-time. Thank you for your time.


Many abductees write in asking this question about 11, 111, 1111, or 1:11, 11:11, etc. It is any combination of 1's or as time on a clock.

There are different explanations for why the fascination with the number combination involving 1's. Mathemeticians will point out the uniqueness of a number that has qualities not found in other numbering combinations.

Spiritualists will point out the value of "11" as having spiritual relevance. Numerologists will highlight its special qualities as a lucky number, while gamblers win or lose based on the "11" coming up or 1 + 1 which is "snake eyes."

Back in 1963, Jeanne Dixon, celebrity astrologer, gained international fame for predicting the death of President Kennedy who was assassinated on the eleventh month and the eleventh hour, as if the time and date had great significance, which it did not.

One abductee has been waking up nightly at 11:11 p.m. since she was a little girl. Another woman of about 70 said the time 11:11 has always been special in her life, but she did not know why. Even when meeting strangers, two abductees can find each because they soon discover the other person is also haunted by this reoccurring number pattern.

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